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by posted Apr 1 2015 11:00AM
So what brought 31-year-old Joey DiJulio, of Seattle, to PHL for his first trip ever to the northeast? Would you believe a typo? A single letter mistyped in an email. Instead of being sent to DiGulio with a "G" it was mistakenly sent to him-- DiJulio with a "J". It wasn't just any email, it was an invite to a party.
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"It was from Jeff, and it was for a bachelor party, and I had no idea who he was," Joey told FOX 29.
However, entertained by some of the responses, Joey followed the email chain for several weeks, until, "About a week ago a message came through saying we gotta get a final head count, and so if I'm gonna write back, this is the time to do it," Joey explained.
Joey decided he wanted to go and he came clean. And would you believe he was invited? He's a real-life semi-professional bachelor party crasher. So here he is for the bachelor party weekend. He's in from Seattle and about to meet bachelor Jeff Minetti and his fiancee, Amy Lee, for the first time at the airport. They welcomed him with Tastykakes.
So why would they invite a stranger? "The city of brotherly love. And any and all are welcome," Jeff said.
Speaking of brotherly love, the story gets better. Joey started a GoFundMe account to pay for the trip--calling it "Bachelor Party 4 Guy I've Never Met."
Over 400 people raised more than $8,000 dollars. They had his back, so he honored them by putting their names on his back, or rather, the back of his sweatshirt.
"People across the country--across the world even. They really wanted to donate, they loved the story, appreciate it, and they're giving 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks here and there,"Joey explained.
And in return, the money Joey didn't spend to get here will go to the bride and groom's honeymoon in Italy. Also, in that spirit of friendship, Jeff sent FOX 29's Brad Sattin a message inviting him to the bachelor party tomorrow. In addition, to the same spirit of misspelling names, he called Brad-- "Bob." The wedding, by the way, is planned for May and Joey is hoping to come back to attend.

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 1 2015 10:56AM
An Ohio woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend several times on Sunday because he had been "eating all of the salsa."

Phyllis Jefferson, 50, attacked 61-year-old Ronnie Buckner with both a pen and
a knife after she noticed him inhaling far too many chips with salsa for her liking. She also tried to knock over his TV.

When police arrived, Buckner was bleeding outside his home and Jefferson fled the scene.

She was pulled over on the highway shortly after and charged with felonious assault and criminal damaging.

NBC affiliate WKYC reports
that Buckner was rushed to a hospital and that his injuries are not life-threatening.

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by Chad Johnson posted Apr 1 2015 10:50AM
Here's some good clean fun with Robbie & Dave in the Morning. Feel free to try this office prank, it's easy and it shouldn't get you fired!

Happy April Fool's Day!

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 1 2015 10:16AM
When Burger King announced that it would be selling limited-edition bottles of a cologne that smelled like Whoppers for one day only--April 1, no less--in Japan, it had the whiff of an April Fools' joke.

But today, for $40, scores of Japanese customers got a burger served alongside their BK fragrance, with one customer telling the AP that it smelled "spicy."

Stars & Stripes was less charitable, describing the scent like so: "Instead of smelling like a flame-broiled patty, it was more like the last call on curry at a bad Indian restaurant that happens to have an onion farm out back."

by Admin posted Apr 1 2015 5:58AM

HAWLEY, Minn. (AP) — A small airplane has collided with a car while making an emergency landing on a Minnesota highway. No injuries were reported.

Pilot David Gowan of Minot, North Dakota, said that the incident happened Tuesday morning after he took off from the airport in Hawley. He picked up a passenger and refueled his 1979 single-engine Mooney.

The car, which belongs to the Clay County Health Department, ended up in a ditch and sustained significant damage after being hit by the airplane propeller. Gowan says the damage to his aircraft is "minimal."

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Minnesota Highway Patrol are investigating the incident.

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