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by Robbie Daniels posted May 4 2015 1:00PM
A guy filmed this lazy golden retriever doing everything he can to prevent his human from making him leave a park. How many of you have gone through this?

The stick-in-the-mouth trick is what got him to get his butt up....

by Admin posted May 4 2015 6:39AM
Light a candle for our lost brethren like Boba know...the gang. Heres the info to know

Heres the Wookiepedia

by Robbie Daniels posted May 1 2015 1:00PM

A Maryland sixth-grader earned some Internet fame on Thursday (April 30th) for cutting off the leader of the free world during his interview with President Obama. Twelve-year-old Osman Yahya was interviewing the president as part of a "virtual field trip" hosted by Discovery Education at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library in Washington, D.C. Obama was giving a bit of a lengthy answer about his love of reading when Yahya told him, "I think you've sort of covered everything about that question." Obama took the whole thing amusingly in stride, but Yahya wanted to make clear to Politico later that he hadn't meant any disrespect. He said, "I didn't mean to cut him off. I was just nudging him to get on," and explained he was just trying to wrap things up before lunchtime, saying, "Most students were hungry."

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