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by buzzfeed posted Feb 10 2016 10:00AM
It really isn't that difficult to do something for Valentine's Day...and really it shouldn't cost very here ya for the Romantically Challenged: (by the way, some a little weird, but read why and you'll get it)

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by Admin posted Feb 10 2016 8:06AM
SANTANA was featured during the Super Bowl in a montage of highlights . . . but he wanted to headline this year's halftime show with two other Bay Area bands, JOURNEY and METALLICA.

He posted a message on Facebook saying, quote, "Dear NFL and CBS . . . I feel compelled to point out to you that the halftime show should've included some of the local iconic bands that the world would've loved to see perform.

"Bands like Metallica, Steve Miller, Journey, and yours truly. We would have rocked, and done the Bay Area proud. This is just an invitation for you to consider iconic bands . . . real live music, real live vocals, and give the audience real live chills."

None of them have done a Super Bowl halftime show.

Journey says they would've been down, and Metallica WAS in town to do a pre-Super Bowl event . . . and they even joked about not being in the running for the halftime show by creating the hashtag "#TooHeavyForHalftime."

Meanwhile, BRUNO MARS thanked Coldplay and Beyoncé for inviting him to join them, and since he'd just done the halftime show two years ago, he joked that he'd be back for Super Bowl 52.
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by Admin posted Feb 10 2016 6:13AM
At first, Red Lobster didn't seem to know how to respond to the explicit shout-out they get in BEYONCÉ's new single "Formation", where she says she takes her man there if he GIVES IT TO HER GOOD.

But now, they aren't complaining. Red Lobster says sales were UP 33% on Sunday, over last year's Super Bowl Sunday.

Also, Red Lobster was mentioned on Twitter 42,000 times in an hour over the weekend, making the company "trend" for the first time in its history.

The song was released on Saturday, and while Beyoncé sang a portion of it during the Super Bowl halftime show, she left out the part about Red Lobster.

Still, it's entirely possible that a lot of people in Denver were so high off the Broncos' victory that they enjoyed some good relations, which may or may not lead to 'Super Bowl Babies' . . . and then treated themselves to Red Lobster.

Of course, it's hard to say how long Red Lobster's sales spike will continue, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner. (???)
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by Admin posted Feb 9 2016 5:20PM
I'll admit when I was younger I was a bit of a prankster, but I'd like to think that I knew better on a lot of things, at least that's what I tell myself. You'll never believe what this young Florida fella tossed through the window at a fast food drive thru? Find out HERE
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by Robbie Daniels posted Feb 9 2016 11:00AM

Amazing scene from I Love Melvin in 1953. Debbie Reynolds makes quite the football.

by Admin posted Feb 9 2016 7:00AM
1. Even if PEYTON MANNING didn't have a deal with Budweiser, he still helped himself by name-checking them after the Super Bowl. That's because he owns a part of their distributorships in Louisiana.

Either way, says Peyton's two mentions of Bud were worth $3.2 million to Anheuser-Busch.

2. ARCHIE MANNING says he thinks his son is "done in Denver," and he "may be done everywhere." (Full Story)

3. An estimated $4.1 billion was bet ILLEGALLY on the Super Bowl. (Full Story)

4. MOTLEY CRUE singer VINCE NEIL trashed COLDPLAY's halftime performance, Tweeting that it was, quote, "the worst LIP SINK performance I've ever seen." And yes, he spelled "sync" S-I-N-K. (Full Story)

5. Even though it's ridiculously early to do so, ESPN has released its first NFL power rankings for next season. The Carolina Panthers are on top, followed by the Patriots, the Seahawks, the Cardinals, and the Broncos. (Full Story)

6. ROB LOWE Tweeted that CAM NEWTON's behavior after the Super Bowl was a bad example for kids. And Twitter kind of let him have it, because of his sex scandal back in the day. One woman's response was particularly brutal . . . but perfect.

by Admin posted Feb 8 2016 2:41PM
Pets are family too, we're just as devistated when they leave us. Pet after care services and crematoriums know this. Believe it or not the pet industry sees nearly $60 Billion a year so it's only fair that this type of service finally becomes available to pet owners to provide that piece of mind when the time comes. What is it? Find out HERE
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by Robbie Daniels posted Feb 8 2016 12:00PM
Or at the very least use this and you can act like you know everything about the Simpsons

For everything and all things Simpson...
by Admin posted Feb 8 2016 8:07AM
After last night's Super Bowl, we ventured out into the Internet in search of some trivia and interesting facts on Super Bowl 50. Here's what we came up with:

1. The Denver Broncos didn't score an offensive touchdown until there was only three minutes left to go in the game, when C.J. Anderson ran it in. And that really only happened because Denver got a new set of downs after a Carolina penalty.

If the Broncos hadn't scored that TD, they still would have won. And they would've become the first team in Super Bowl history to win without scoring an offensive touchdown.

By the way, the 1968 Jets and the 2002 Patriots are the only other teams to win a Super Bowl with just one offensive touchdown.

2. The Broncos won with 194 yards on offense, the fewest of any team to win a Super Bowl. The previous low was 244 by the 2000 Ravens in Super Bowl 35.

3. The Panthers were down 13-to-7 at halftime. Before yesterday, they hadn't trailed by more than three points at halftime all season . . . and that only happened twice. They ended up winning both games.

4. This was the only game all season where the Carolina Panthers NEVER led. Their 10 points was the fewest they've scored in a game all season. The Panthers were 15-1 this year. Five teams have won 15 or more games in the regular season since 1990. None of them have won a Super Bowl.

5. The Broncos tied a Super Bowl record with seven sacks, and forced four turnovers. That doomed the Panthers. Teams with three or more turnovers in the Super Bowl are 0-19 since 1980.

6. The Broncos became the ninth franchise in NFL history to win three Super Bowls. The Pittsburgh Steelers are #1 overall, with six Super Bowl wins.

Denver has been to the Super Bowl eight times, which is tied for the most. The others to make it to eight are: The New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Steelers.

7. Peyton Manning became the 12th starting quarterback to win TWO Super Bowls. He's also the first to win one with two DIFFERENT teams. He also won with the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.

8. Peyton is the OLDEST quarterback to win a Super Bowl. He's 39. Another Bronco, John Elway, is the second oldest. He was 38 when he won in 1999.

Peyton and Cam also have the biggest age gap between quarterbacks in NFL history. Cam is 26, so they are 13 years apart. When Peyton was drafted, Cam was just seven years old.

9. Somewhat surprisingly, this is the first Super Bowl matchup between quarterbacks who were drafted #1 overall. And it was the first Super Bowl where the #1 overall pick from a draft (Cam in 2011) faced off against the #2 overall pick from the same draft (Von Miller in 2011).

10. At least twice during the Super Bowl broadcast, Jim Nantz shared this interesting fact: With Denver's win, head coach Gary Kubiak became the first person to ever win the Super Bowl as a head coach for the same team he played for. He backed up John Elway for nine seasons.

But that's WRONG. Two others have also done it. Tom Flores with the Oakland Raiders and Mike Ditka with the Chicago Bears.

What he MEANT to say is that Kubiak is the first head coach to win a Super Bowl with the same team he also WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL WITH as a player.

Originally posted on February 8th, 2016
by Admin posted Feb 8 2016 6:48AM
The best way to 'win' the Super Bowl if you're a commercial is to be memorably funny, or go for the heart strings . . . eight of the ten most popular Super Bowl ads last year were sentimental.

That definitely wasn't the theme this year.

In fact, it was kind of a mixed bag, without any theme. Unless you count talking animals. There were a LOT of talking animals this year. And the usual mix of celebrity cameos, cars, and Doritos pushing the envelope.

USA Today ranked all 63 of them with their Ad Meter ratings, but we're not sure we agree. Here are our 15 picks for the most buzzworthy moments, in the order they appeared. But they didn't always generate buzz for the right reasons . . .

1. Avocados from Mexico. This is the first commercial that actually made us laugh, where aliens in the future tour a museum of pop culture artifacts from the past . . . like "the dress" no one could agree on, and SCOTT BAIO.

And actually, they could have done a LOT with that concept, by making fun of how our culture today is obsessed with something one minute, then quickly moves on. So maybe it was more of a missed opportunity.

2. The Doritos Ultrasound. Doritos usually goes a little more edgy, and this one delivered, for two reasons. Women got to laugh at their idiotic husbands . . . and it suggested 'birth by Doritos,' so the lazy dad ended up making things happen.

3. An Astronaut takes a ride in Audi. An ex-astronaut came to life when his son let him drive the Audi R8. It had the sentimental kick that was so big last year. But some people thought it was depressing, since the dad seemed sad and bored in retirement.

4. "Puppy Monkey Baby." This was more of a "WTF" moment, and that's exactly what Mountain Dew wanted. Kickstart combines Mountain Dew, juice, and caffeine, so they combined a pug, a monkey, and a baby. And it was horrifying.

5. Steven Tyler for Skittles. Does STEVEN TYLER still have celebrity draw? I guess it depends on your reaction to this commercial. We were divided.

6. Bud Light's Political Campaign. Politics is a circus now, so this one felt topical. And SETH ROGEN and AMY SCHUMER took their joke about 'caucuses' surprisingly far.

It's also a good reminder of how much better ads would be if they were actually a SURPRISE during the game, instead of being released online days before.

7. The Prius robbery. This one didn't generate as much buzz online, but you have to respect the setup . . . a getaway car outruns the law just by being a hybrid. Maybe they should have made the criminals seem more threatening. Still, it was pretty epic.

8. Amazon Echo with Alec Baldwin. This is the rare example of cramming random celebrities into one commercial and making it work. Probably because it had ALEC BALDWIN. Alec Baldwin makes everything awesome.

At the same time . . . what exactly does the Amazon Echo do? Does anyone know? They didn't really explain.

9. Anthony Hopkins for Turbo Tax. Our favorite ad of the night, hands down. ANTHONY HOPKINS is so A-list, you don't expect to see him shilling in a commercial. And he was totally poker-faced through the whole thing. That's how you use a celebrity.

10. Weiner dogs for Heinz. Attention ad companies. Animals in commercials work SO much better when they are not CGI, not talking, and not doing human things.

11. Super Bowl babies. The idea that kids are born nine months after their parents watched the home team win the Super Bowl? Awesome. A little humor would have gone a long way here. Instead they made it serious. Still, people loved it.

12. Christopher Walken for Kia. "Walk-en closet." Get it? It also made us realize . . . we could probably watch a LOT more of CHRISTOPHER WALKEN playing with sock puppets.

And it made fun of how celebrity cameos are ridiculous, since Walken addressed the awkward segue between the setup, and selling cars. Very meta.

13. Drake for T-Mobile. They made fun of DRAKE'S horrible dance moves in the "Hotline Bling" video, and he was a good sport. And when the T-Mobile suits give him notes on what to do, his reaction was unexpected.

14. Helen Mirren vs driving drunk. HELEN MIRREN is one of those celebrities everyone loves, and Budweiser addressed a serious topic and had a little fun at the same time. Very difficult to pull off, and it got a huge reaction on the Ad Meter.

15. As far as missed opportunities and misfires, the very first ad for Michelob Ultra blew the big 'first commercial during the game' opportunity, since it wasn't funny OR sentimental.

Especially when you consider the next commercial was that same old Snickers shtick with celebrities swapping personalities. It's probably time to retire that one.

The ad with JEFF GOLDBLUM was a good example of two problems to avoid: Misusing a famously weird celebrity, AND cramming too many ideas into one commercial. Taco Bell did the same thing with their 'Quesalupa' spot.

And finally, LG failed with their spot for OLED TV's with LIAM NEESON. He was in arguably the best commercial last year, because he got all threatening with gamers online. So if you have a SERIOUS celebrity on your hands, have fun with it.

Here are USA Today's picks for the five best commercials, which we don't necessarily agree with. And here are their five WORST . . . which we definitely DO agree with. No one wants to hear about constipation or toenail fungus.

Some of the local commercials in different markets made waves too. One on the east coast got people pretty worked up. It was a tourism spot for Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, and aired right after halftime in New York, Philly, and D.C.

But along with a bunch of patriotic images from American history, they included tragic stuff . . . including the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Some people thought that was tasteless, since the Super Bowl isn't really when you want to dwell on that kind of thing. But it's probably more about HOW you deliver the message. You can't sneak up on people with 9/11.

There was another one in the D.C. area for a local plumbing company called Michael & Son, that even got MIKE TYSON to show up and knock a guy out. Remember, it was a LOCAL commercial. Not bad.

by Admin posted Feb 5 2016 5:19PM
The Grammy's have missed out on acknowledging imortant classic rock artists who have passed over the years but this year it seems they may have got it right. Details HERE
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by Admin posted Feb 5 2016 8:19AM
If you're going to a Super Bowl party, someone's definitely going to propose a SQUARES pool.

That's where you pay to get a square on a board. It comes with two numbers. If those numbers are the last digits of the teams' final scores, you win the pot. Like, if the final score is 13-10 and you have the square with three and zero, you're the winner.

A new study looked at the BEST numbers to get, based on the final score of the past decade of Super Bowls. Here they are in order: Zero . . . 7 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 1 . . . 6 . . . 8 . . . 5 . . . 9 . . . and 2. Now you know.

(Washington Post)
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by Admin posted Feb 5 2016 7:14AM
Don't let people tell you the Super Bowl is in San Francisco this year. It's in Silicon Valley, over an hour south of San Francisco. And since people there just LOVE flashing their money around, it's how something like THIS happens.

This Super Bowl now has the most expensive tickets of any sporting event in U.S. history. One ticket is now selling for an average of $4,957.

The old record was the Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing match back in May, where tickets got up to $4,672.

(NBC 4 - Oklahoma City)
by Robbie Daniels posted Feb 4 2016 1:00PM
Hopefully we'll never know how effective this drill was, but Tokyo's Ueno Zoo held an escape drill Tuesday (February 2nd) that involved an employee dressed in a zebra costume. The drill involved a fictional earthquake freeing a zebra from its enclosure, while an employee got faux-injured, and another suffered a simulated heart attack. A video of the drill shows the cartoonish zebra being surrounded by zookeepers before being subdued with a simulated tranquilizer gun and loaded into a pickup truck.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Feb 4 2016 11:00AM
Someone made their Taco Bell into this amazing video and you too can make it yourself!

by Admin posted Feb 3 2016 3:08PM
Imagine how much cooler high school would have been if Lita Ford would have been the music teacher! Well imagine if you will by enjoying Lita as a music teacher in this new commercial
by Admin posted Feb 3 2016 8:28AM
STEVEN TYLER does a Skittles commercial, where he talks to a portrait of himself made out of candy.
by Admin posted Feb 3 2016 6:38AM

The very first Super Bowl aired on TWO networks back in 1967, CBS and NBC, and miraculously, neither of them saved a recording of the game. Even crazier, the NFL doesn't have it either.

In fact, there's only one known copy of the game, and it's owned by a guy named Troy Haupt, who's a nurse anesthetist in North Carolina. The "New York Times" says his father recorded it, and it's just been sitting in an attic all these years.

So he tried selling it to the NFL. He was asking for $1 million, which doesn't seem ridiculous since it may very well be the ONLY copy out there. But that was too rich for the league's blood . . . and they countered with $30,000.

CBS stepped in and made a sweeter offer: $25,000, an interview for a pregame segment for this year's Super Bowl, PLUS two tickets to the actual game.

Troy was cool with that . . . but the NFL threatened to SUE him if he sold it to anyone else, because it's, quote, "copyrighted footage." So for now, he's holding on to it.

(Does anyone NOT think the NFL could toss this guy a million bucks? After all, his family has spent decades preserving a valuable piece of sports history for them.)

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by Admin posted Feb 2 2016 5:05PM
If you're like most of the world and you don't have tickets to the Super Bowl or the sold out Metallica pre super bowl concert, Metallica is hooking ya up! They're offering you the opportunity to watch the show for free along with some extraslike sound check, and set up. Check out the details HERE
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by Robbie Daniels posted Feb 2 2016 11:00AM
Barely a year old, this little snowboarder has gotten worldwide attention!!!

by Admin posted Feb 2 2016 6:58AM
If you've ever seen a cop just FLY past you and thought, "I'd sure like to pull HIM over for speeding" . . . well, a woman actually pulled that off. Unfortunately, she was kind of a smug jerk about it, which sort of ruined the effect.

Claudia Castillo of Miami, Florida was driving on Friday afternoon when a cop sped past her. So she started following him . . . finally got his attention . . . and he pulled over.

Then she whipped out her phone, and started recording when he came to her car. She said, quote, "The reason I pulled you over today . . . you were pushing 90 miles per hour . . . I just wanted to know, what's the emergency?"

And the cop clearly realizes he's in a tough spot. He's being filmed, and he can't do what he probably WANTED to do . . . chew the woman out for wasting his time. So he's actually apologetic, although he denies that he was speeding.

But Claudia doesn't let up. When he says he pulled over because he thought she had an emergency, she tells him, quote, "Everything's fine . . . I just think we all should set an example. Leaders of the community lead by example."

During their exchange, Claudia also admits she went 80 miles-an-hour to try to catch up with him. The Miami-Dade police say they're investigating and they'll take, quote, "the appropriate course of action."

(CBS 4 - Miami)

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by Admin posted Feb 1 2016 2:34PM
Back in 2002 Hall Of Fame WWE wrestler Bret "The Hitman" Hart suffered a stroke, overcame it but with it's share of effects. Now he faces yet another health challenge, read more about that HERE
by Robbie Daniels posted Feb 1 2016 11:00AM
"Tammy" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Actress Susan Sarandon hit the red carpet of the SAG Awards on Saturday night, January 30th, with her daughter, Eva Amurri Martino.While Sarandon, 69, nominated for her role in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, she set the internet a blaze because of her outfit, more specifically her cleavage. Sarandon wore a revealing pantsuit combo while her daughter showed off her curves in a plunging blue dress by Gabriela Cadena.
  • Fans immediately reacted on Twitter. @HokiESQ wrote, "Oh my god susan sarandon's breasts at the SAG awards."
  • Fresh At Lettuce tweeted, "Looks like Susan Sarandon already won the SAG."
  • KFC wrote, "Susan Sarandon just lettin em hang tonight!"
  • @DougBenson tweeted, "Susan Sarandon looks rack-diculous. #SAGAwards2016."
  • Chelsea Nachman wrote, "I could just tell from susan sarandon's outfit that she was introducing the in memoriam."

by Admin posted Feb 1 2016 6:47AM
DAVID BOWIE died with around $100 million to his name, and according to court documents, his wife IMAN will inherit HALF of that.

The rest will be split between his two children, Duncan Jones and Lexi Zahra Jones. Lexi is 15, so she'll have to wait until she's 25 to get her cut. Also, his personal assistant will get $2 million, and Duncan's former nanny gets $1 million.

According to the "New York Post", Bowie's dying wish was to have his remains taken to Bali, then be cremated and have his ashes scattered, quote, "in accordance with the Buddhist rituals of Bali." He'd been a Buddhist since the late '60s.
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