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by Robbie Daniels posted May 2 2016 12:00PM
The archive footage shows that, like humans, cats lose coordination when first subjected to zero gravity moving in a straight line until they bump into something. Scientists from Nasa and the U.S Air Force sent both cats and pigeons flying in a C-131 jet on a trajectory that gave 15 seconds of weightlessness. Pigeons also lost their coordination with some filmed flying upside down.

by Admin posted May 2 2016 8:00AM
When you hear this, you might think it's one of those classic, frivolous American lawsuits by some moron. But just wait . . . by the end you'll TOTALLY be on this woman's side.

Stacey Pincus of Chicago, Illinois just filed a class action lawsuit against Starbucks . . . because they put too much ICE in their iced coffee.

Sounds dumb, right? Just hear her out. She points out that Starbucks advertises their drinks by how many ounces they have: 12 ounces in a tall, 16 in a grande, 24 in a venti, and 30 in a trenta.

And that's how much coffee you get . . . if you order it HOT. But if you order it iced, you get a cup full of ice, which cuts into the amount of coffee. So in a venti, you only get 14 ounces of coffee with 10 ounces of ice. Instead of 24 ounces of coffee.

Her lawsuit says, quote, "[You] get just over half of the advertised amount, and just over half of the amount for which you are paying." She also found that makes iced drinks the most profitable items on the menu.

So she wants $5 million for all the people who've been ripped off in the past 10 years. The suit is also demanding that Starbucks serve iced drinks in bigger cups so you get the full amount of coffee you order.

(Courthouse News Service / TMZ)
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by Admin posted May 2 2016 6:46AM
It's been a week-and-a-half since PRINCE died, and even though there still isn't a cause of death, there were a few developments over the weekend.

For starters, Prince's personal chef says he noticed he was drinking less water, eating less, and looked like he was losing weight. Quote, "He wasn't himself probably the last month or two. I think he was just struggling with being sick a lot."

He said Prince was dealing with a sore throat and stomach pains, which isn't a surprise since we've heard he'd had the flu . . . but then again, it sounds like he was struggling with it for a while, so maybe it was something more serious.

Other reports claim Prince was getting outpatient treatment from a doctor for his chronic hip pain. Supposedly, he was trying to get off the meds he was using . . . so that MIGHT mean he was worried about becoming addicted to something.

Also, a bank cracked open Prince's secret personal vault . . . the one that supposedly has all his recordings. It's the bank that had recently been appointed the trustee of his estate, and since no one had the combination, they needed to break in so they could protect his assets. It's unclear what they found.
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