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by Admin posted May 24 2016 3:42PM
Recently a charity football game between the FDNY and NYPD was had and a brutal brawl broke, so when that happens just who the heck do you call to come break it up??!! Find out what happened HERE
by UPI posted May 23 2016 11:00AM
Talk about finding food on the run. A motorist in New South Wales, Australia questioned the safety of the road after seeing a flaming pizza oven being pulled on a trailer. Kerri Lacey posted a video of the incident to Facebook last week. The video shows a trailer-mounted pizza oven filled with flames while apparently cooking a pizza in transit on the freeway.

Watch the flames here:
by Admin posted May 23 2016 8:14AM
Ontario High School in Ontario, California had 550 seniors graduate last week. And I guess it's a good endorsement for the quality of education there that the kids immediately figured out there was something wrong with their diplomas.

Because the diplomas all came with nice red covers . . . that misspelled the word "school." It's on there as S-H-C-O-O-L.

The superintendent apologized, blamed it on the printing company, and said all of the kids will get new diploma covers.

(CW 5 - Los Angeles)

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by Admin posted May 23 2016 6:37AM

A woman in Texas bought a Chewbacca mask last week that makes Wookie sounds when you talk. Then she went on Facebook and livestreamed herself trying it on . . . and now it's the most-viewed livestream EVER on Facebook.

As of last night, it had over 130 million views. She got it at Kohl's, so then they posted a video where three employees go to her house with a bunch of "Star Wars" toys for her kids, plus $2,500 in gift cards.

They also gave her family three MORE Chewbacca masks, which are hard to come by now . . . Kohl's, Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us are all sold out online because of the video.

by Mashable posted May 20 2016 6:45AM
The whole idea behind self-driving cars is they'll be safer . . . but this doesn't exactly inspire confidence . . .
Google recently filed a patent for a new type of car hood that's STICKY . . . so if one of their self-driving cars HITS you, you won't bounce off and get even MORE hurt when you hit the ground.
The patent even has a ridiculous diagram that shows how it works . . . a crash test dummy is about to get hit by a self-driving car, but then his back gets stuck to the hood like it's flypaper.
It wouldn't ALWAYS be sticky though. It would have a smooth protective coating, that only gets sticky when it's cracked by something heavy enough . . . a.k.a., YOU.

Apparently the idea wouldn't work for normal cars though, because if someone's stuck to your hood, you can't see where you're going.
It's not clear when Google might start testing it. But there's also a chance they'll scrap it and go with something else.
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by Admin posted May 19 2016 3:16PM
Ac/Dc is going for it without Brian Johnson, of course Axl Rose filling to mixed reviews. Looks like Aerosmith is considering a guest singer for a possible tour, check out the details HERE
by Admin posted May 19 2016 8:00AM
Even older people are using emojis now. But apparently some of them have secret meanings for teenagers that the rest of us don't know. So if your kid texts you any of these six emojis, they might be insulting you . . .

1. The frog emoji. It's a way of calling someone ugly.

2. A dog emoji. It's a way of calling someone the b-word without actually saying it.

3. An emoji of a guy running, followed by a bowling ball. Apparently it means, "I'm going to hit you." (???)

4. Scissors can mean, "I'm going to cut you." But it depends on the context. Like if they also say they just got a haircut, it's probably not a threat.

5. A knife, followed by a face, followed by a showerhead. It means they're calling you a psycho.

6. A skull, followed by a right arrow, followed by a fire emoji means, "die in a fire."

by Admin posted May 19 2016 6:04AM
Do you ever sit there watching your cat LICK himself and think, "Man, I wish I could get in on that"? Well, now you can. Congratulations?

There's a new product for sale called the Licki Brush, and it lets you finally experience the joy of licking your cat . . . but in a productive and sanitary way.

It's shaped like a huge tongue, and you put it in your mouth. But it's really a brush, so when you "lick" your cat with it, you're brushing them.

It's going to launch on Kickstarter soon, and if you sign up at with your email, they'll let you know when it's live. But there's no word yet on how much it'll cost.

(Lickibrush / Bored Panda)
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by Admin posted May 18 2016 5:14PM
Gn'R has announced opening acts for the reunion world tour! Some interesting choices, check em' out HERE
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by Today posted May 18 2016 10:00AM
2015 BET Honors - Arrivals
Kim Kardashian's social media influence has put Iran on high alert. According to Iran Wire, the Organized Cyberspace Crimes Unit of the Revolutionary Guards believes Kim and other celebrities are working with Instagram to influence young people and women in the country away from Islam.
A spokesman for the group said on an Iranian news show, "Ms. Kim Kardashian is a popular fashion model so Instagram's CEO tells her, 'Make this native.' There is no doubt that financial support is involved as well. We are taking this very seriously."
  • Kim was asked about the situation at Cannes but she had not heard anything about it.
  • The news segment was part of the group's recent crackdown on people who have been secretly supporting and using social media for post that are deemed to be vulgar.
  • This story comes just one day after Kim accepted a Webby award and promised to take naked selfies until she dies.

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by dailymail posted May 17 2016 10:00AM
Airport security officers in America are used to dealing with strange objects, but on Sunday they were left dead surprised - when a corpse was presented for checking.
The decaying body was wheeled into the security area of Atlanta International Airport on Sunday, dressed in beige clothing.
The crusty passenger was passed through the X-ray machine and sent on his way. But the TSA wasn't being disrespectful to the dead, it was actually a prop from 2003 horror movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

by Admin posted May 17 2016 7:02AM
Remember the tourists at Yellowstone National Park who put a baby BISON in their SUV last week? They thought he was going to freeze. And they got a ticket for interfering with wildlife.

Well, it just got a LOT worse. Because the rangers at Yellowstone just had to EUTHANIZE the baby bison.

Apparently after the rangers took him back to his herd, the herd wouldn't accept him, and abandoned him.

So he started approaching cars, which was a safety issue.

The park didn't have the resources to take care of him, and they couldn't ship him anywhere else for months because of a quarantine for a disease called brucellosis.

So sadly, the only option was to put him down. As far as we know, the tourists who took him aren't looking at any criminal charges . . . and the staff at Yellowstone is hoping this teaches everyone a lesson not to mess with the animals.

(New York Times)
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by Elite Daily posted May 16 2016 11:00AM
It's not hard to imagine you'd be hungry after being in a coma for over a month. Thirty five-year-old Army veteran Jake Booth developed bronchitis back in February, which unfortunately turned into pneumonia. This led to a heart attack that left Booth in a coma for 48 whole days. His family wasn't sure if he'd ever wake up, or if he'd suffered brain damage from the heart attack. But Booth did wake up, and the first thing he said was, "I want Taco Bell." It took him a while before he could actually eat solid food and enjoy his tacos, but he eventually got them. Taco Bell even sent him a T-shirt to help keep his spirits up for the duration of his recovery, which will take a while. Jake's brother set up a GoFundMe page to try and help with Jake's recovery expenses.

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by Admin posted May 16 2016 7:03AM
These people had good intentions but AWFUL common sense.

A father and son were visiting Yellowstone National Park last week, and spotted a baby BISON. But the temperature was down in the 30s, and they were worried he would FREEZE. So they grabbed him, put him in their SUV, and drove over to a ranger station.

The rangers had to explain that bison can handle cold temperatures, and gave them a ticket for interfering with wildlife.


by Admin posted May 16 2016 6:33AM

There was a huge brawl in the eighth inning of the Blue Jays-Rangers game yesterday. And Rangers second-baseman ROUGNED ODOR landed a MASSIVE punch that caught JOSE BAUTISTA in the jaw. (It's pronounced Roog-ned Oh-DURE.)

It happened after Bautista slid past the bag at second base to break up a double play, which you're not allowed to do this year. And it DID look like a dirty slide. Then Odor shoved him, threw the punch, and both benches cleared.
by Admin posted May 13 2016 7:53AM
This year is the 20th anniversary of Ozzfest, so they're bringing it back for one weekend in September . . . and they're merging it with SLIPKNOT's Knotfest.

Obviously the brightest minds weren't involved in the naming process, because this is what they came up with: Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. It goes down Saturday, September 24th and Sunday the 25th in San Bernardino, California.

BLACK SABBATHwill headline Saturday's show, with Megadeth and Disturbed on the bill. Slipknot will headline Sunday, with Slayer and Anthrax. There will also be a second stage named after the late, great Lemmy from Motorhead. (Check out the full lineup here.)

The announcement was made at a venue in Hollywood, by SHARON OSBOURNE. She introduced a bunch of the musicians, including OZZY, who hugged her from behind when he hit the stage. It doesn't seem like she thought it was a good touch.

But they did show up and leave together.

(TMZ has video of them leaving, plus a clip of Ozzy's alleged mistress Michelle Pugh going into the salon where she works. Maybe she didn't get fired after all. But on a related note, the "New York Post" says Ozzy was cheating with multiple women.)
by Admin posted May 13 2016 6:37AM
It's Friday the 13th. So just because, here are five random GOOD things that happened on Friday the 13th . . .

1. The Hollywood sign was dedicated in the Hollywood Hills on Friday, July 13th, 1923. It originally said Hollywoodland, but the "land" part was dropped in 1949.

2. Steve Buscemi was born on Friday, December 13th, 1957. Without him, you wouldn't have "The Big Lebowski", "Reservoir Dogs", or "Boardwalk Empire".

3. The United States adopted its first equal employment act on Friday October 13th, 1967. President Lyndon Johnson signed an executive order saying the government can't discriminate in hiring practices based on gender.

4. Black Sabbath released their first album on Friday, February 13th, 1970. Although that one could go either way? It reached #8 on the UK Albums Chart and #23 on the Billboard 200.

5. The Olympics returned to their birthplace. The Summer Olympics were held in Greece in 2004, and the opening ceremony in Athens took place on Friday, August 13th. And Team USA ended up winning the most medals that year, with 101.

(Time / CSMonitor /
by Admin posted May 12 2016 8:04AM
The Arkansas School for the Deaf actually has a leopard for a mascot. So, they're the DEAF LEOPARDS.

Here's the part you're not going to believe: It has nothing to do with the band DEF LEPPARD. They've been the Leopards since at least 1941 . . . 18 years before singer JOE ELLIOTT was born.

Anyway, someone started a petition asking the band to stop by while they were in Little Rock for a gig. It got less than 1,500 signatures . . . but the band DID see it.

They were in Little Rock last night, but unfortunately they didn't have time to actually go to the school. But they DID take a photo with four athletes from the school next to a replica of their scoreboard.

The kids met with the band backstage, but didn't actually go to the show.

By the way, Joe Elliott came up with 'Def Leppard' while he was in school. He was writing reviews for fake rock bands in his English class, and wanted a name that sounded like Led Zeppelin.

Originally, it WAS going to be "Deaf Leopard" . . . as in D-E-A-F . . . but they decided to change the spelling to D-E-F and L-E-P-P-A-R-D.
by Admin posted May 12 2016 7:00AM
According to "Us Weekly", SHARON OSBOURNE found out about OZZY's affair by checking his emails. It's not clear if she suspected him first, or if that's just something she does . . . which totally wouldn't surprise me.

Anyway, that's how she found out he was having an affair with a celebrity hairstylist named Michelle Pugh. She was working at a salon in Beverly Hills at the time, but he was basically supporting her.

Obviously Sharon hit the roof. She and her daughter KELLY called the salon repeatedly for two weeks to get in touch with her. And it got so ridiculous, Michelle actually lost her job.

Sharon's back on "The Talk" after taking Monday off, but so far she hasn't actually said that Ozzy cheated. Ozzy only released one statement, where all he said was that the breakup had nothing to do with his sobriety.
by Robbie Daniels posted May 11 2016 11:00AM
Reggie, the three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, patiently waits in line for ice cream when the ice cream man pays a visit to his neighborhood....

by Admin posted May 11 2016 8:17AM
GENE SIMMONS made some controversial comments about PRINCE in an interview with "Newsweek".

Basically, he said that DAVID BOWIE's death was tragic because he had a real sickness, and that Prince's was "pathetic," because he indulged in too many drugs.

Quote, "His drugs killed him. What do you think, he died from a cold? . . . I think Prince was heads, hands and feet above all the rest of them. I thought he left [Michael] Jackson in the dust. Prince was way beyond that.

"But how pathetic that he killed himself. Don't kid yourself, that's what he did. Slowly, I'll grant you . . . but that's what drugs and alcohol is: A slow death." Gene claims he's NEVER been drunk or high in his entire life.

Naturally, those comments ruffled some feathers . . . including those of his bandmate PAUL STANLEY. Paul Tweeted a link to the interview, and said, quote, "Embarrassed by cold clueless statements regarding Prince's death.

"Without all the facts better to say nothing. My apologies."
by Robbie Daniels posted May 10 2016 10:00AM
This cute, well-fed raccoon, named Rascal, chows down on grapes, his favorite snack, while sitting upright like a human.

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by Admin posted May 10 2016 8:00AM
The only thing worse than a speeding ticket is when you get busted in a SPEED trap, because then you're out 200 bucks AND you feel like an idiot. So . . . where are you most likely to get nailed by one?

Thrillist just ranked all 50 states by how bad they are for speed traps. A website called tracks them. So it's basically the number of speed traps per capita. Not exactly advanced analytics, but we'll take it.

The 10 worst states for speed traps are: Vermont . . . New Hampshire . . . Michigan . . . Delaware . . . Oklahoma . . . Rhode Island . . . Louisiana . . . Illinois . . . West Virginia . . . and Colorado.

The 10 states that have the FEWEST speed traps are: Alaska . . . North Dakota . . . Mississippi . . . South Dakota . . . Kentucky . . . Montana . . . Hawaii . . . Nebraska . . . Arizona . . . and North Carolina.

They also included the most NOTORIOUS speed trap in every state. Just Google "The worst speed traps in every state."
by Fox Morning Show posted May 10 2016 7:32AM
Gene Hanson, a retired farmer from Edgeley ND is at it again with his "Field Art". He has been busy carving out political messages in his field.
One of the messages says "GOP get your act together." The other shows Hanson's support of Bernie Sanders for president with his slogan "Feel the Bern." He's the same guy who became an internet sensation after his massive field tribute to Prince.

by Robbie Daniels posted May 9 2016 11:00AM
In this clip from the latest episode of Britain's Got Talent, Liverpool, England-based dance group, Boogie Storm, earn a "Golden Buzzer" pass to the show's semi-final round from Simon Cowell with their amusing dance medley.

by Admin posted May 9 2016 6:58AM
"Captain America: Civil War" made INSANE money this weekend: $181.8 million. That's the fifth biggest domestic opening of all time. Its worldwide gross is already $678.4 million. Here's this weekend's Top 10:

1. NEW: "Captain America: Civil War", $181.8 million.

2. "The Jungle Book", $21.9 million. Up to $285 million in its 4th week.

3. "Mother's Day", $9 million. Up to $20.7 million in its 2nd week.

4. "The Huntsman: Winter's War", $3.6 million. Up to $40.4 million in its 3rd week.

5. "Keanu", $3.1 million. Up to $15.1 million in its 2nd week.

6. "Barbershop: The Next Cut", $2.7 million. Up to $48.8 million in its 4th week.

7. "Zootopia", $2.67 million. Up to $327.6 million in its 10th week.

8. "The Boss", $1.8 million. Up to $59.1 million in its 5th week.

9. "Ratchet & Clank", $1.5 million. Up to $7.1 million in its 2nd week.

10. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", $1 million. Up to $327.3 million in its 7th week.
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by Admin posted May 9 2016 6:00AM
Cannibals have known this for years.

KFC just released a nail polish in Hong Kong that tastes like FRIED CHICKEN. And yeah, it's edible, so you can lick your fingernails and enjoy some chicken. They even made two flavors: Original and hot and spicy.

Unfortunately they didn't say whether they might bring it over here.

(Huffington Post)
by Admin posted May 7 2016 7:08AM
Earlier this week, we heard moms want cosmetics, a trip to the spa, jewelry, and flowers for Mother's Day. Unfortunately those are all pretty expensive. So here are five gift ideas that won't break the bank . . .

1. A bouquet of balloons. Florists always jack up the price of flowers around Mother's Day, because demand is so high. So a bouquet of balloons is cheaper, unique, and more fun.

2. Recreate a childhood photo. This has been a trend online for a few years now. It involves getting your siblings together and re-taking a photo from your childhood as grown-ups. Then you can give it to her in a nice frame.

3. Cook for her. Going to a restaurant is crazy on Mother's Day. So save your mom the hassle of the crowds by cooking her favorite meal at home.

4. Help out around the house. It's not quite as relaxing as a spa day, but it won't cost you anything to give her the day off and clean up around the house, do the laundry, or whatever odd jobs need to be done.

5. Spend time with her. That's really all most moms want. Go shopping with her, watch her favorite movie together, or just do something that makes her feel special and appreciated.

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by Robbie Daniels posted May 6 2016 10:00AM

Would you trust a dog to fetch you a beer? French beer company Kronenbourg 1664 is hoping people in London will. The company plans to open a pop-up bar in London called Bar D'Alsace-tian that will be staffed entirely by dogs. The bar will be opening today, and features Alsatian, also known as German Shepherds, serving the company's beer to customers. The dogs will apparently serve beer from custom lightweight barrels for free during two hour sessions. Guests are required to make a reservation to attend.

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by Admin posted May 6 2016 8:00AM
There's a 36-year-old woman in Columbus, Ohio named MelRo Potter, who had a pretty tough childhood. She was in the foster care system, and had to drop out of high school when she got pregnant with her son Trey, who's 18 now.

But she worked two jobs to support him . . . got her G.E.D. . . . and works as a motivational speaker now.

She missed out on the whole high school experience though, and always wished she'd been able to go to prom. And Trey knew he was the reason she couldn't.

So last month . . . he took her to HIS prom.

She says she actually tried to talk him out of it after he asked her, because she knew he could get a REAL date if he wanted to. But he says he's been planning to take her since he was 11 years old.

Plus, she's pretty hot. They posted some photos from prom night, and he's definitely a good-looking kid. But she might actually be out of his league.

She says that back in high school, her dream date was Johnny Depp. But it turned out that going with Trey was even better.


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by Admin posted May 6 2016 6:04AM
If you're taking your mom out for brunch or dinner on Mother's Day, do NOT go anywhere where she might find herself eating lettuce.

A new survey asked women what kind of food they want on Mother's Day, and only 1% said salad. So when you're picking your restaurant, here's what they DO want . . .

1. Seafood, 26%.

2. Italian, Mexican, sushi, Greek, or something else that's international, 18%.

3. Steak, 16%.

4. A buffet, 12%.

5. Chicken, 9%.

6. Barbecue, 8%.

7. Breakfast food, 7%.

8. Burgers or sandwiches, 2%.

9. Salad, 1%.

by Admin posted May 5 2016 7:55AM
Another video of a kid drugged up after surgery is going viral. We're not sure where he's from, but his name is Brandon, and he broke his arm playing baseball.

And after he had surgery, he kept talking in a weird voice . . . said he just got back from Dubai, where he was partying with strippers . . . and told his mom not to tell his lawyer that they KILLED some people while he was there.

Some people think it's fake, like most of the surgery videos at this point. But he also kind of looks like ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL . . . especially during the bar scene in "Weird Science" when he tries to talk like a black guy.

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by Robbie Daniels posted May 4 2016 11:00AM
And also with you as Dave Jacobs would say...if ya need some help celebrating here's some ideas....for the record, we like the cake...

by Admin posted May 4 2016 8:00AM
It's official: The classic rock festival you WISH you saw 35 years ago is happening.

Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young will take over the site of the Coachella festival in Indio, California on October 7th through the 9th.

Dylan and the Stones will kick things off on Friday the 7th . . . Neil and McCartney will play Saturday . . . and the Who and Roger Waters close things out on Sunday.

Tickets go on sale on Monday, and yeah, they're gonna set you back. A one-day general admission ticket is $200 . . . and all three days is $400. Want floor seats for all three nights? That's $1,600 out the door. Per person. Plus fees, of course.

by Admin posted May 4 2016 6:58AM
A new survey asked moms what they want most for Mother's Day, and found the most popular gift in each state.

Cosmetics and makeup came out on top in seven states, which is the most of any gift. A trip to the spa came in first in six states.

As for some other traditional Mother's Day gifts . . .

1. Jewelry is only the most popular gift in three states: New Jersey, Alabama, and New York.

2. Flowers also only came in first in three states: Oregon, Maryland, and Kentucky.

3. And CASH came in first in two states: Kansas and South Carolina.


(Here's a map that shows the number one gift in every state.)

by Admin posted May 3 2016 2:25PM
With classic rock music actually leading in sales right now, yeah you heard us, than its only natural that we celebrate with the grand daddy of all festivals with a classic rock mega music festival! Check out the lineup HERE
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by Robbie Daniels posted May 3 2016 12:00PM


and the video is just cuz...

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by Admin posted May 3 2016 6:26AM

LISBON, N.D. – A chance meeting at Lisbon's First and Last Chance Bar has Shiela Weisgerber smiling.

Weisgerber, who is raising triplet grandsons Dalton, Bentley and Ashton Peterson, received a $300 tip from a couple who overheard her talking about the boys with some regular customers, and then chatted with her about them.
It was nearly midnight Saturday, April 30, when the couple paid their bill and left it upside down on the bar. Weisgerber said. When she cleared their glasses and took the slip to the till, she was floored.

There, for a $33 bill, was a $300 tip and the message, "Take care of those boys!!" printed beneath.

"You read about it. You hear about it. .... It really shocked me. I went to the bathroom and I cried. I was really surprised," Weisgerber said.

Bar owner Dave Cole Jr. said it was a beautiful gift for Weisgerber, and for the town. too.

"It's fantastic. Anytime we can do some good in the world in general," Cole said. "The last few months have been really hard with random deaths around here. We really needed a boost. This was a godsend. Literally, it made everybody brighten up. ... You know that there still is good left."

Weisgerber, 48, has three grown daughters, Courtnee Marchetti, 30, Stephanie (Peterson) DeWolf, 28, and Emily Scott, 26.

The triplets were born to Stephanie, but she already had a child and felt she couldn't take care of three more, Weisgerber said.

So, Weisgerber took on the role of parent again when the boys were 2 months old.

Getting through the bottle feedings and diaper changings was tough, she said.

But the payoff has been pure joy.

"I love children and it wasn't in my cards to have more," she said. "And now I've been blessed to raise the boys. If I was asked to do it over again. I would. These little guys are a true blessing."

There has recently been sadness, too.

The boys' father, Joshua Ertelt, died in a car crash in late February, Weisgerber said.

Weisgerber has worked full time at the bar since October.

Early Sunday, May 1, she posted a photo of the bar tab, with the big tip and message of encouragement, on Facebook.

"You only read about things like this happening. ... So grateful," Weisgerber wrote.

When the boys' father died, Weisgerber opened a savings account for each of them. Each boy will now get $100 from that tip.

She said if she ever sees the couple again, she'll give them a big hug.

"Words can't describe how grateful I am. You know there's good out there. It helps, and it will help the boys later."

By Helmut Schmidt on May 2, 2016 at 7:48 p.m.

by Robbie Daniels posted May 2 2016 12:00PM
The archive footage shows that, like humans, cats lose coordination when first subjected to zero gravity moving in a straight line until they bump into something. Scientists from Nasa and the U.S Air Force sent both cats and pigeons flying in a C-131 jet on a trajectory that gave 15 seconds of weightlessness. Pigeons also lost their coordination with some filmed flying upside down.

by Admin posted May 2 2016 8:00AM
When you hear this, you might think it's one of those classic, frivolous American lawsuits by some moron. But just wait . . . by the end you'll TOTALLY be on this woman's side.

Stacey Pincus of Chicago, Illinois just filed a class action lawsuit against Starbucks . . . because they put too much ICE in their iced coffee.

Sounds dumb, right? Just hear her out. She points out that Starbucks advertises their drinks by how many ounces they have: 12 ounces in a tall, 16 in a grande, 24 in a venti, and 30 in a trenta.

And that's how much coffee you get . . . if you order it HOT. But if you order it iced, you get a cup full of ice, which cuts into the amount of coffee. So in a venti, you only get 14 ounces of coffee with 10 ounces of ice. Instead of 24 ounces of coffee.

Her lawsuit says, quote, "[You] get just over half of the advertised amount, and just over half of the amount for which you are paying." She also found that makes iced drinks the most profitable items on the menu.

So she wants $5 million for all the people who've been ripped off in the past 10 years. The suit is also demanding that Starbucks serve iced drinks in bigger cups so you get the full amount of coffee you order.

(Courthouse News Service / TMZ)
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by Admin posted May 2 2016 6:46AM
It's been a week-and-a-half since PRINCE died, and even though there still isn't a cause of death, there were a few developments over the weekend.

For starters, Prince's personal chef says he noticed he was drinking less water, eating less, and looked like he was losing weight. Quote, "He wasn't himself probably the last month or two. I think he was just struggling with being sick a lot."

He said Prince was dealing with a sore throat and stomach pains, which isn't a surprise since we've heard he'd had the flu . . . but then again, it sounds like he was struggling with it for a while, so maybe it was something more serious.

Other reports claim Prince was getting outpatient treatment from a doctor for his chronic hip pain. Supposedly, he was trying to get off the meds he was using . . . so that MIGHT mean he was worried about becoming addicted to something.

Also, a bank cracked open Prince's secret personal vault . . . the one that supposedly has all his recordings. It's the bank that had recently been appointed the trustee of his estate, and since no one had the combination, they needed to break in so they could protect his assets. It's unclear what they found.
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