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by Admin posted Jul 31 2015 12:17PM ranked all 74 of LED ZEPPELIN'S songs. They stuck to the stuff they did together as a unit, and left off the last album, "Coda", since it wasn't an official album.

Here's the Top 10:

1. "Kashmir", from "Physical Graffiti"

2. "Good Times, Bad Times", from "Led Zeppelin"

3. "Whole Lotta Love", from "Led Zeppelin II"

4. "Stairway to Heaven", from "Led Zeppelin IV", which didn't officially have a title.

5. "Dazed and Confused", from "Led Zeppelin"

6. "Over the Hills and Far Away", from "Houses of the Holy"

7. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", from "Led Zeppelin"

8. "Immigrant Song", from "Led Zeppelin III"

9. "The Song Remains the Same", from "Houses of the Holy"

10. "All My Love", from "In Through the Out Door"

The lowest 'song' was "Moby Dick" off "Led Zeppelin II". But that's an instrumental with long drum solos. (And one of my least favorite Zeppelin songs, "The Crunge", off "Houses of the Holy" was #70.)

( has the whole list, along with brief write-ups on each song. There's a HUGE intro though, so you'll have to scroll down some.)

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by Admin posted Jul 31 2015 12:08PM

"Cosmopolitan" has a list of signs that you're getting-it-on with the wrong person. Here's the top eight. Do you really need more?

1. The sex is all about THEM.

2. You're not all that attracted to them.

3. They make you feel insecure about your body.

4. The thought of telling them what you like and don't like is embarrassing.

5. You're in a friends-with-benefits situation, and one of you wants more.

6. You frequently fantasize about other people.

7. Doing it is boring and feels like a chore.

8. You'd rather do things solo.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 30 2015 10:00AM
Original airdate: April 25, 1988
Donald Trump is perhaps best known for the money he's made (and lost) in real estate, his less-than-humble demeanor and his hit reality TV show, 'The Apprentice.' In recent years, the business tycoon has also been chasing the dream of holding the highest office in the land. Although many people know he has been eyeing the Oval Office for a couple of election cycles, you may be surprised to learn just how far back his presidential aspirations reach. Watch as Donald, in a 1988 appearance on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show,' shares his thoughts on running for office....

by MLB.COM posted Jul 29 2015 7:00AM
7/28/15: Omar Infante fields Roberto Perez's grounder and backhand flips to Alcides Escobar, who barehands and throws to first for the out!!!!

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by UPI posted Jul 27 2015 10:00AM
WEST BRIDGFORD, England, July 24 (UPI) -- A YouTube user shared video of a mysterious "huge black ring" flying over his house in Nottinghamshire, England.
The video, posted to YouTube by Pierce Smith, shows a black ring moving through the sky Thursday above Smith's home in Nottinghamshire.
"Huge black ring just drifted over my village," Smith wrote in the description of the video, which was titled, "Something weird flew over my house today."
Smith shared the video of the "ominous" ring on Reddit, where users commented it may have resulted from an electricity transformer catching fire.
"This is usually caused by a large transformer frying. I remember a similar video posted a while ago," Redditor Anonymoose98 wrote.
Other Redditors explained the ring may have kept its shape due to a phenomenon known as "laminar flow," which is also responsible for the slow dissipation of exhaust trails from jet engines.

by Mn jState Patrol posted Jul 27 2015 6:28AM
The Minnesota State Patrol is saying that drivers shouldn't have tried to avoid hitting a mother duck and her ducklings trying to cross a busy highway, after video from a Department of Transportation camera in the city of Mounds View surfaced that showed drivers swerving or slamming on their brakes to avoid the animals. State Patrol spokesperson Lieutenant Tiffani Nelson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "I watched that video and I cringed. People should not stop on the freeway for ducks. . . . I completely understand the connection to a mother duck and her babies, but if there was a crash which resulted in a fatal or serious injury, a driver who stopped for ducks potentially could face a criminal charge." Nelson said it comes down to that the value of a person outweighs the value of a duck. Luckily in this case, however, the duck family made it safely across the road, and no drivers were hurt.

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by Daily Mail posted Jul 24 2015 10:00AM
Just how much information about yourself are you giving away on social media sites like Twitter? Researchers at Vermont Complex Systems Center analyzed 50 million geotagged tweets for mentions of food and physical activity, and used a tool called the Lexicocalorimeter to determine the food to activity ratio of each state. They discovered that those in New York, for example, tweet most about apples and running, while those in Mississippi tweet most about cake and eating. The data shows that states that tweet the most about unhealthy foods are the ones that rank worst in fitness. The top five "fattest" states by food and activity were: Mississippi (cake, eating), West Virginia (cookies, watching TV), Louisiana (chocolate, eating), Arkansas (chocolate, eating), and Oklahoma (chocolate, running,) and the top five healthiest states were: Colorado (noodles, running), Montana (peanut butter, skiing), California (tomatoes, dancing), Massachusetts (apples, walking) and Idaho (pasta, biking.) The findings come as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that less than 15 percent of U.S. adults eat enough fruits daily to meet federal recommendations.

by NASA posted Jul 24 2015 6:26AM
NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the "habitable zone" around a sun-like star. The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet to date discovered orbiting in the habitable zone -- the area around a star where liquid water could pool on the surface of an orbiting planet -- of a G2-type star, like our sun. The confirmation of Kepler-452b brings the total number of confirmed planets to 1,030.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 23 2015 6:10AM
The US Navy Blue Angels are back in Fargo and some roads will be closing down so they can get ready for this weekend
The US Navy Blue Angels are back in Fargo and some roads will be closing down so they can get ready for this weekend's Fargo AirSho.
The famous blue jets will be practicing in the skies above Fargo Thursday and Friday.
For safety purposes, streets around the airport will be closed on those days from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Roads which will be closed are listed below:
· 19th Avenue North between Dakota Drive and 18th Street North
· Dakota Drive from 19th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North
· 15th Avenue North between Dakota Drive and 18th Street North
· 32nd Avenue North west of University Drive North

by KENS 5 posted Jul 21 2015 11:00AM
When Angela Radtke saw a 1-year-old baby locked in a hot, parked car in an H-E-B parking lot, she didn't hesitate to take action.
Despite warnings from security and the apprehension of others, Radtke smashed straight through the front windshield with a tire iron. She then crawled into the car through broken glass and unlocked door to free the baby -- sustaining cuts to her arms.
"I don't care if I get arrested, I'm going to save this baby," Radtke said.
H-E-B Surveillance footage revealed the baby was in the car nearly 40 minutes, according to police. The 1-year-old boy was taken by EMS to Methodist Children Hospital and treated for dehydration. The child will be placed in custody of Child Protective Services.
Police questioned Radtke afterwards but she was soon released due to a Texas "good Samaritan" law.
Witnesses at the scene said H-E-B staff tried to reach the parents on the loudspeakers but the father did not appear until some time afterwards.
Police told KENS 5 the father stated that he forgot the baby was in the car. He is now being charged with child endangerment a third-degree felony.

Kids and Pets...

Check this video out:

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by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 21 2015 6:36AM
A guy named Mark Rantal in Colorado Springs, Colorado has eaten lunch at Chipotle every single day since April 6th. Today will be his 107th day in a row.
And he orders the exact same thing every time . . . a burrito bowl with sofritas. That's the shredded tofu. He also gets white rice, pinto beans, fajita vegetables, mild and medium salsas, corn, cheese, lettuce, a side of chips, and a cup of water.
As for WHY he's doing it, it's not all that interesting. Quote, "The whole thing was totally an accident. On Monday I decided to get Chipotle and on Tuesday I made the same decision, then I got lunch with my friend there on Wednesday." See, told you.
Basically he just decided to keep going. Quote, "Every time I hit a milestone it was very easy and convenient to imagine hitting the next." And he isn't sure when he's going to stop.
So far he's gained about 14 pounds. But he says that's what he WANTED, since he recently became a vegetarian and dropped a lot of weight. He also says the staff knows him and gives him free food about one out of 10 times.

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by THE TODAY SHOW posted Jul 20 2015 10:00AM
Couples will tell you that every wedding is special in its own way — and that's certainly true for Joel Burger and Ashley King, who married Friday afternoon in Illinois for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, with French fries or with onion rings.
Burger and King have been friends since grade school, Burger told NBC's John Yang for TODAY. Their evening wedding featured gifts from Burger King, which paid for the wedding after their story grabbed international headlines, including the fast-food chain's crowns and custom mason jars (and the groomsmen posed with Burger King shirts under their suits).

by Admin posted Jul 20 2015 6:21AM

A professional surfer named Mick Fanning survived a shark attack on live TV on Sunday. It happened at a tournament in South Africa. The camera happened to be on him while he was waiting for a wave, and you could clearly see the shark's fin come out of the water. Then there was a lot of splashing, and it looked like the shark pulled him under.

Luckily the shark didn't actually bite him . . . it got caught on the leash attached to his board and snapped it. Then it swam off after he punched it in the back.

The TV crew cut away while someone picked him up on a jet ski, and he was out of the water by the time they cut back. Not surprisingly, tournament officials decided to cancel the rest of the tournament.
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by Admin posted Jul 15 2015 6:25AM

Look, this is the kind of silly mistake that could happen to ANYONE. But it's still HILARIOUS that it happened toDONALD TRUMP . . .

Donald's media team posted what was SUPPOSED to be a patriotic photo of Donald's face over an American flag backdrop. It also included images of hundred dollar bills, the White House, and soldiers.

But here's the kicker: They weren't American soldiers. They were NAZI SOLDIERS. And not just any Nazi soldiers. These guys were SS . . . which were, like, the evilest Nazis of them all. (???)

After several websites called attention to this, the picture was taken down, and the mistake was blamed on an intern. (Here's the original picture, along with a close-up on Donald's patriotic Nazis.)

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by Admin posted Jul 14 2015 11:00AM
CONAN Highlight: Jack & Boy George jam out to The Doors' classic, accompanied by the Doors' legendary guitarist Robby Krieger.

by Admin posted Jul 14 2015 6:39AM
The website put together a list of the worst things you can have for breakfast, in different categories. So, things like the least healthy cereal, and worst fast food breakfast sandwich. Here's the list . . .

1. Worst cereal: Honey Smacks. One bowl has 15 grams a sugar, which is more than Frosted Flakes or Cap'n Crunch. And it's coated in partially hydrogenated oil, which has trans fat.

2. Worst donut: Dunkin' Donuts Blueberry Butternut. It has 35 grams of sugar, and 420 calories, which is more than any other donut on the menu.

3. Worst breakfast burrito: Taco Bell's A.M. Crunchwrap with Sausage. 710 calories and 47 grams of fat.

Unless you're eating a whole 12-pack of their Cinnabon dessert things, the A.M. Crunchwrap has more fat than anything else on the menu.

4. Worst fast food breakfast sandwich: The Monster Biscuit from Hardee's and Carl's Jr. It has as much fat and calories as the A.M. Crunchwrap, but TWICE as much salt.

5. Worst breakfast that SOUNDS healthy: A Dunkin' Donuts Multigrain Bagel with Reduced Fat Strawberry Cream Cheese. It's 500 calories, has 17 grams of fat, and is pretty much nothing but carbs.

6. Worst pancakes: Denny's Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast. They're stuffed with chocolate, and have hot fudge and peanut butter on top. You also get sausage, eggs, and hash browns, so it's 1,670 calories, with 105 grams of fat.

7. Worst omelette: The Chorizo Fiesta Omelette at IHOP. 1,300 calories and106 grams of fat. And you can add pancakes, which is another 700 calories.

8. Worst overall breakfast: The Cheesecake Factory's Bruleéd French Toast. It has 2,780 calories, and as much saturated fat as six cheeseburgers from Sonic.

by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 13 2015 10:00AM
The satirical comic strip ended its nine-year run in 1989. Breathed posted on Facebook, "A return after 25 years. Feels like going home." The comic won a Pulitzer Prize in 1987.

by Admin posted Jul 13 2015 8:00AM
One day the oppressed gingers of the world will rise up and destroy us. And they'll point to moments like this as their justification.

14-year-old Grace Wain of Cardross, Scotland was trying to get on a flight to the Maldives with her parents last week. And the staff wouldn't let her on the plane because they said she looked too PALE and SICKLY to fly.

But it turns out she's perfectly healthy . . . she's just a GINGER. So pale and sickly is her natural complexion?

Her parents tried to explain that to the staff, but they wouldn't let the family on the plane until a doctor came and checked her out.

Eventually she DID get cleared, and the family got on their flight . . . but the delays caused a mix-up with their luggage and two of their bags didn't make it.

As far as we know, they're not planning to sue. But they say the incident at the airport turned, quote, "the [vacation] of a lifetime into a disaster."

I don't see it! She's a HOTTIE! These people need help. Here she is...

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by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 9 2015 10:00AM
six sets of best friends to play "Truth or Drink", a drinking game where players must choose to either answer random personal (sometimes awkward) questions about themselves or drink a shot of alcohol. (Content Warning: PG-13 material)

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by Admin posted Jul 9 2015 6:45AM
New York Giants defensive end JASON PIERRE-PAUL suffered burns to three fingers in a fireworks mishap last weekend. And it turns out it's more serious than we first thought . . . he had to have one of them AMPUTATED yesterday.

A reporter for ESPN posted a photo of Jason's medical chart that says it's his right index finger. He also suffered fractures to his thumb, but a source close to him says he's expecting to play next season.

Now here's the REALLY crazy part: Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback C.J. WILSON ALSO hurt his hand playing with fireworks over the weekend . . . and lost TWO fingers.

The team released a statement yesterday. Quote, "We are aware that C.J. was involved in an accident that occurred over the July 4th holiday. It is our understanding that the injury occurred to one of his hands, and our primary concern at this moment is for his long-term health."

It's not clear if this will affect his career, but your fingers are probably more important if you're a cornerback, because you're expected to catch interceptions. Defensive ends like Jason mostly just tackle people.
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by Admin posted Jul 8 2015 10:54AM
A man in Alabama has created a website asking for people to help set him up with a girlfriend for a reward of $10,000. According to the website,, the relationship must last at least 6 months in order for the person to claim the prize. Hmmmm click below to find out more!

by Admin posted Jul 8 2015 7:00AM

LucasFilm finally confirmed yesterday that a "Star Wars" stand-alone film about a young Han Solo is in the works. It's been rumored for a while, but now it's official. No word yet on who could play him, but the guys who did "The Lego Movie" are directing.

Lawrence Kasdan and his son are writing it. Kasdan co-wrote "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi", as well as "Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens", which comes out in December.
by rare country posted Jul 7 2015 10:00AM

Yes, we know. Steven Tyler doesn't necessarily look or act country. But maybe it's time to give the guy a chance.
Because while we may all know him for his wild stage antics and primal screams, Tyler is sounding and looking sweeter than ever. In his brand new video for his debut Country single "Love is Your Name," Tyler conjures up images of sweet living down the back roads of life, and once again clings to his love of gypsy type living that becomes more and more enticing the more you watch.
"This video has so many personal elements in it for me," said Tyler in a recent press release about the video, which was filmed just outside of Nashville. "I came from a family that was a touring band. I grew up as a young boy with my pet raccoon and my slingshot. My real band Loving Mary is featured in the video. This song and video both resemble what the album will sound like."
Just a few short months ago, Tyler made the jump into the country genre when he signed to the Dot Records label, which falls underneath the Big Machine Label Group and is home to music titans such as Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift.

by Admin posted Jul 7 2015 6:48AM
There was a movie in 2003 called "Danny Deckchair" where a guy ties a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair and floats through the sky.

And yes, that also happened with the old man's house in "Up", but the obscure "Danny Deckchair" reference is far more relevant to this story. Don't be so mainstream.

26-year-old Daniel Boria of Calgary, Alberta, Canada wanted to get some viral attention for his cleaning company on Sunday, so he decided to risk his life. He tied 110 helium balloons to a lawn chair and let them take him up into the sky.

He floated through the air . . . he's not sure exactly how high he got, but it was high enough to get a LOT of attention. Unfortunately for him, some of that attention came from the cops . . . and they arrested him when he landed.

He was charged with mischief since the chair could've hurt someone when it fell . . . and he could be facing more charges for violating Canada's federal aviation laws.

Daniel says the stunt cost him about $20,000 and he wore a parachute just in case things went wrong. Quote, "You can spend the same marketing dollars on a billboard, or you can fly . . . seems like more fun, right?"


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by posted Jul 6 2015 11:00AM
Written by: Matthew Wilkening-Ultimate Classic Rock

Van Halen kicked off their 2015 summer tour in Seattle last night, peppering their set list with a half-dozen songs that haven't been played live in decades – or in some cases, which were making their live debuts.
Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen promised fans "by far the best set list" he's ever made for this trek, and he delivered a big surprise right out of the gates as the band started the show with "Light Up the Sky" from their 1979 sophomore album. It's a track that hasn't been played live in 35 years, according to our friends at the Van Halen News Desk.
The night also saw the live debuts of "Drop Dead Legs" and "Dirty Movies" – both of which we've included below – and the return of long-lost gems such as "Feel Your Love Tonight" and "In a Simple Rhyme," the latter complete with the Women and Children-closing instrumental "Growth." Of course, essential classics such as "Runnin' With the Devil" and "Panama" occupied the majority of the evening. Van Halen's summer tour continues until October 2, and you can get all the dates right here.
Read More: Van Halen Kick Off 2015 Tour With Debuts and Rarities: Set List, Photos + Videos |

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by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 6 2015 10:00AM
It's official. At 6-foot-4, Blosom is the world's tallest cow ever. That's the determination made by Guinness World Records, which had previously named the female Holstein the world's tallest living cow. The new record was announced on June 25. Blosom lived on a farm in Orangeville, Illinois. Her owner, Patty Meads-Hanson, got Blosom when the cow was just eight weeks old.
Blosom was 13 years old when she died on May 26. During her life, she was the official "greeter" for Memory Lane Crafting Retreat, a retreat situated on the farm.
ABC News couldn't reach Meads-Hanson for comment on Thursday evening, but a post on Blosom's Facebook page said the cow "was called to graze in a more glorious pasture."
Blosom died after suffering a leg injury. Meads-Hanson found the cow down in a pasture, her left leg in "a position that wasn't normal," according to a post on the Facebook page. Two veterinarians worked in the pouring rain to try to lift the cow but they were ultimately unsuccessful.
"Her injury appeared to happen when she laid down, slipping in the mud, and damaging a ligament in her hip, and would never be able to stand. I had to make that hard decision - I wouldn't let her suffer. It's the last act of kindness you can do for an animal you love, but it sure is hard," Meads-Hanson wrote on Facebook.
Donations are being sought to erect a memorial to Blosom on Meads-Hanson's farm.

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by YouTube posted Jul 6 2015 7:15AM
JOHN SCHNEIDER from "Dukes of Hazzard" posted a YouTube rant about TV Land yanking reruns of the show because the car had the Confederate flag on it. He called it an "error" in judgment, and wishes we could all just watch TV in peace. But golfer BUBBA WATSON owns one of the original cars they used, and says he's planning to paint over the flag and put an American flag there instead.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Jul 6 2015 6:21AM
The U.S. won its record third Women's World Cup on Sunday (July 5th), beating Japan 5-2 in Vancouver, Canada, for the American team's first World Cup title since 1999. Midfielder Carli Lloyd turned in an incredible performance that helped her win the Golden Ball as player of the tournament, scoring three times in the first 16 minutes as the U.S. staked an early 4-0 lead, getting the first hat trick in a Women's World Cup final and the fastest one in World Cup history, for both men's and women's teams. [Look in "Last Night's TV Audio" for sound from the game.]
The other scorers for the U.S. were Lauren Holiday and Tobin Heath.
Hope Solo won her second straight Golden Glove as top goalkeeper of the tournament.

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by Admin posted Jul 4 2015 6:26AM
Hey if it saves ONE finger...its worth. Lets be careful out there...Need your tuning in fingers intact for 107.9 The Fox :)
by Admin posted Jul 2 2015 11:33AM
Here are four tips from a professional photographer on how to get better photos of fireworks this weekend . . .

1. Turn your flash off. If you don't, everything over ten feet away will end up underexposed. If you want to take a photo of someone with the fireworks behind them, set it up so their face is lit by a light behind you.

2. Don't just photograph the sky. Photos of fireworks with nothing in the foreground tend to be boring, so try to get the skyline in there too. Or try something like a shot of your kid from behind while they're watching.

3. Turn off the HDR feature. It stands for "high dynamic range," and it makes your camera take three quick photos at different exposures, then combines them into one image to make the lighting look more natural.

A lot of cell phone cameras have an HDR feature now, but it works best with still images where nothing's moving. If you use it with fireworks, they'll just look blurry.

4. Take photos with a long exposure. That's where the shutter stays open a few seconds longer and lets more light in. But not all camera phones let you do it, and you pretty much have to use a tripod to make it work.

by Admin posted Jul 1 2015 6:19AM
Can't the government let us enjoy ANYTHING anymore? They ruined smoking, they ruined football, they ruined carbs . . . and now they're trying to ruin FIREWORKS.

A new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that fireworks are terrible for your health.

When one explodes, tiny particles 30 times thinner than a human hair are left in the air. And if you ingest too many of them, there could be short and long-term effects . . . especially if you have lung problems.

You might cough, have shortness of breath, or have an asthma attack. But they ultimately might lead to a heart attack, a stroke, or EARLY DEATH if you have heart or lung disease.

The number of firework particles in the air peaks from 9:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. on July 4th . . . but usually they're all gone by noon the next day. So if you have lung issues, the researchers say you might want to stay indoors on the night of the 4th.

(USA Today)
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