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by Admin posted Oct 20 2016 8:01AM
You think of men as being the ANGRIER gender, but apparently, when it comes to road rage, WOMEN are the lunatics. So men are better at something driving related than women? I did NOT see that coming.

A new study found women get 12% ANGRIER than men in different scenarios in the car.

Women get 14% angrier than men at backseat drivers . . . 13% angrier at people who don't use turn signals . . . and between 10% and 12% angrier when people pass them, shout at them, or honk at them.

The study also found ANOTHER way that men are softer in the car. 29% of men said they're more likely to open up and have a meaningful conversation when they're driving, and 14% said it even makes them a better driver.

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by Admin posted Oct 20 2016 6:29AM
Something magical is happening this year in Cleveland . . . with their sports teams that is. Outside of that, it's still, ya know, Cleveland.

It took 52 years for Cleveland to win their last championship, but their next one might only take FOUR MONTHS. That's because the Indians beat the Blue Jays yesterday to advance to their first World Series in 19 years.

And it happened in a pretty un-Cleveland sort of way. They started a rookie pitcher who had only ever started ONE GAME at the major league level . . . and he came in and blanked Toronto. Those are the kinds of things that usually happen TO Cleveland, not FOR Cleveland. Apparently, the tide is finally turning.

Cleveland will host the first game of the World Series next Tuesday night . . . coincidentally, the SAME NIGHT that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be receiving their championship rings next door at Quicken Loans Arena.

The Indians will face either the Chicago Cubs or the L.A. Dodgers. The Dodgers haven't won a title since 1988 . . . the series with Kirk Gibson's storybook walk-off . . . and the Cubs haven't won one in 108 YEARS. That series is tied 2-2.

Cleveland last won a World Series in 1948. And 68 years is a long time . . . think about it.

When the Indians last won a title . . .

1. There wasn't a vaccine for polio.

2. Color TV was still a couple decades away, and black-and-white ones weren't very common. There were no digital clocks . . . and even hippie lava lamps were 15 years out. There was no such thing as 'long-distance' phone calls.

3. Mr. Potato Head didn't exist. Neither did skateboards, or Barbie dolls.

4. No one had eaten 'fish sticks' or 'fish fingers' before, possibly because there were no non-stick frying pans. And fruit-flavored yogurt hadn't been invented.

5. There had never been a rock concert. Although the first one would happen in Cleveland, four years later.

6. "Playboy" magazine didn't exist. And there were no birth control pills.

7. We were still six years away from the Supreme Court declaring segregation unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education.

8. "Miracle on 34th Street" hadn't hit theaters.

9. No one had used a credit card.

10. And the Indians' 'Chief Wahoo' logo wasn't considered offensive. Or more accurately, no one cared about the sensitivities of Native Americans.
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by Admin posted Oct 19 2016 3:34PM
Til' death us part is the vow not "as long as you keep your make up on." Just days after marrying his wife a man divorces her becuase of how different she looked without makeup ha wow! Wait until see you his excuse on the court documents, check them out HERE
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by todayshow posted Oct 19 2016 12:00PM


by Admin posted Oct 19 2016 8:00AM
There's a 42-year-old artist named Lon Davis who lives in Olathe, Kansas, just outside Kansas City.

And he has an 11-year-old son named Reese, who's he's been in a wheelchair since he was three, because of a tumor on his spine. Fortunately he's in remission now. But eight years ago, Lon made him a sweet Wall-E costume for Halloween that fit OVER his wheelchair.

Then other parents started asking him to make costumes for THEIR kids in wheelchairs. So last year, he started a charity called Walkin' and Rollin' Costumes that makes wheelchair costumes, and gives them away for FREE.

So far, they've done Iron Man, the car from "Dukes of Hazzard", an X-wing fighter from "Star Wars", and a bunch more. They also did an Ant-Man costume this year, where the wheelchair is the ant he rides in the movie.

Apparently they got a ton of requests for this Halloween. But you can request one for NEXT year through their website, Or if you want to donate, just search for "Walkin' and Rollin' Costumes" on


by Admin posted Oct 19 2016 6:35AM

I was just thinking M&M's needed MORE sugar. So thanks for coming through, guys.

M&M's just announced they're rolling out CARAMEL filling next year. So instead of an M&M filled with chocolate or a peanut, you can get one filled with caramel.

They won't be a limited time thing either . . . caramel M&M's will be a permanent flavor. They're going to hit stores in May.

Friggin' MAY!

Thanks for the 6 month heads-up tease ya jackbags

(CNN Money)

(Here are some photos.)

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by Admin posted Oct 18 2016 2:27PM
With voter registration numbers down and let's face it a good portion of the public not wanting to vote this season because of their choices, we have to wonder, could social media votes actually count in future elections? Check out the details HERE
by Youtube posted Oct 18 2016 10:00AM

by Admin posted Oct 18 2016 8:00AM
Well this sounds like a more fun way to spend Halloween than passing out candy to 400 kids dressed as "The Avengers".

Airbnb just launched a new contest where someone will win the chance to spend Halloween night in Dracula's castle in Transylvania.

Its real name is Bran Castle, and it's in Romania. It's where Vlad the Impaler lived in the 15th century . . . he was the inspiration for Dracula when Bram Stoker wrote the book.

No one has spent a night in the castle since 1948, but it's a HUGE tourist attraction that gets more than 630,000 visitors a year.

If you want a shot at staying there, you just have to answer this question: "What would you say to Dracula if you were face-to-face with him?" And you have to do it in 550 characters or less.

Airbnb will pick one winner and fly you and a guest to Romania to spend Halloween night in the castle . . . where you can sleep in velvet coffins.

by Admin posted Oct 18 2016 6:10AM
PHIL COLLINS has a memoir coming out called "Not Dead Yet" next week, and in it, he mentions a 14-year-old beef with PAUL MCCARTNEY.

He was asked about it in an interview with the "Sunday Times", and he said that while Paul is still one of his "heroes," he did have a nasty experience with him back in 2002 . . . and he doesn't think he just caught Paul on a bad day.

He said, quote, "I met him when I was working at the Buckingham Palace party . . . McCartney came up with Heather Mills and I had a first edition of 'The Beatles' by Hunter Davies.

"I said, 'Hey Paul, do you mind signing this for me?' And he said, 'Oh Heather, our little Phil's a bit of a Beatles fan.' And I thought, 'You [eff], you [eff]!' Never forgot it."

And Phil says Paul does this a lot. Quote, "He has this thing when he's talking to you, where he makes you feel [like] 'I know this must be hard for you, because I'm a Beatle. I'm Paul McCartney and it must be very hard for you to actually be holding a conversation with me.'" (Funny story: Phil was actually an extra in "A Hard Day's Night" . . . but he was cut because he didn't act excited enough.)

by Daily Mail posted Oct 17 2016 12:00PM

Many retailers sell special clothing and accessories for Halloween, and ASOS is selling a "Halloween Glow in the Dark Dripping Blood Choker." The item is a ring of plastic that looks like liquid dripping, but it's not red, it's cream colored. The strange color choice has some internet users' minds in the gutter. Someone posted the choker on Reddit and it has since gone viral. One Reddit commenter wrote, "Would go great with a sexy Cinnabon costume," and another wrote, "Hey ladies I'm making blood necklaces all night!"

by Admin posted Oct 17 2016 8:11AM
This should make you feel totally secure in your relationship. A new survey found the nine careers where people are most likely to have AFFAIRS.

And we even know WHO they'll cheat on you with . . . 65% of the people in the survey say they're secretly getting-it-on with someone at work.

Here are the nine careers where people are most likely to have affairs.

1. Finance, including bankers and brokers.

2. Aviation, including pilots and flight attendants.

3. Healthcare, including doctors and nurses.

4. Business, including managers and administrative assistants.

5. Sports, including athletes and coaches.

6. The arts, including musicians and photographers.

7. Nightlife, including bartenders and DJs.

8. Communications, including journalists and PR people.

9. Legal, including lawyers and paralegals.

(Daily Mirror)
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by Admin posted Oct 17 2016 6:43AM
A 43-year-old guy named Michael Orchard from Halfmoon, New York finally got the unexpected call to heroism on Thursday night.

His neighbor's HOUSE was on fire. So he drove his car through their fence, kicked in their door, ran inside, grabbed their dog, and managed to get outside safely.

There was just one problem . . . there was no fire. Michael was on a mix of LSD and cough syrup, and he was hallucinating.

So basically, he just destroyed his neighbor's fence, his door, and kidnapped their dog for no particular reason.

He's been charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

(NBC 13 - Albany)

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by Admin posted Oct 14 2016 8:09AM
This from todays Forum at

A Fergus Falls, Minn., man who grows giant pumpkins is hoping to earn a place in the Guinness World Records.

Rick Swenson says he plans to launch a giant pumpkin Saturday morning on the Red River in Grand Forks and paddle downstream to Oslo, Minn., a distance of about 26 river miles.

The existing pumpkin-paddling record is about 8 miles, Swenson said, set earlier this year on a river in Pennsylvania.

Swenson said he came up with the idea as a way to one-up a friend who grows giant pumpkins in Lancaster, Minn., and drops one on a car every fall.

In more ways than one, Swenson is paddling into the unknown.

"I don't know how long it's going to take," he said. "It's going to boil down to a comfort thing. I'll bring a small cooler to sit on, which is fairly comfortable but low to the ground. I want to stay low because balance-wise, it's going to help me a lot."

The pumpkin, which is flat on the bottom, weighs 1,086 pounds but will tip the scales at slightly less than that after Swenson removes the innards and hollows out a place to sit. He said the pumpkin measures about 14 feet around but isn't long enough to require a license.

The shell of the pumpkin is at least 10 inches thick, Swenson said, meaning the craft should be able to withstand most logs or deadheads he might encounter on the river.

"I'm excited," Swenson said. "If there's good current, it might go quick; I don't know.

"I don't mind hitting logs."

Swenson said he's most nervous about following Guinness' strict guidelines for setting the record, which include using paddles instead of oars and having two people on hand to witness both ends of the trip. He's attempting the record as a promotion for the Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton, N.D., where he displays giant pumpkins every fall the day before Halloween.

The aspiring pumpkin paddler says he plans to haul the stupendous squash to the zoo after setting the record.

"I think I'm fully confident in the trip," Swenson said. "I'm confident in the pumpkin."
by Admin posted Oct 14 2016 6:21AM
Some jerk in a BMW tried to pass a school bus on Tuesday, in Albany, New York . . . and got INSTANT karma. A guy with a dash cam got it all on video, because HE let the bus merge in front of him. Then they were both about to get on the highway.

But the BMW behind them wasn't having it . . . tried to pass BOTH of them . . . and there was no room. So his sweet ride ended up straddling a concrete barrier.

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by Admin posted Oct 13 2016 2:29PM
After Hurricane Matthew hit, a man out in Nebraska couldn't reach his grandmother in Florida to see if she was ok. He called the police, the sheriff's office but with no one answering. So his last resort was to send grandma a pizza! Why Papa John's? See why HERE
by Youtube posted Oct 13 2016 1:00PM
by Admin posted Oct 13 2016 6:31AM
I'm not sure what guy would want to wear any of these Halloween costumes . . . I mean, they're pretty much guaranteed to turn women off en masse. But just in case you WOULD want one, this is a public service announcement.

Here are some men's Halloween costumes on sale RIGHT NOW that will make you look like a jackass . . .

1. "Seymore Boobs Free Mammogram." It's a box that goes over your head that says "Free Mammogram" and has a cutout in the shape of boobs for your face.

2. "Genie in a Lamp." This one is an Aladdin vest and a huge magic lamp that goes around your waist . . . you know, like it's your junk. And it says "Rub Me!" on the side.

3. "Frank the Flasher." You'll get a trench coat, a gray wig that looks like male pattern baldness . . . and a flesh-colored bodysuit with fake junk.

4. (Careful!) "Dr. Seymour Bush, Gynecologist." This isn't just a lame pun, it's a super lazy costume . . . it's just a white lab coat with the name embroidered on it.

5. "Adult Droopers." You get a white granny wig, orange Hooters shorts, a cutoff shirt that says "Droopers" . . . and fake boobs hanging out.

(Huffington Post)
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by Admin posted Oct 12 2016 3:05PM
Las Vegas really wants professional sports! Today the Oakland Raiders took a big step closer to becoming a Las Vegas team. Have you seen a mock up of the new stadium? Wow! Check it out HERE
by Admin posted Oct 12 2016 1:45PM
In a world that has seen and heard just about everything by now let's face it tv isn't what it used to be. Perhaps that's why we have our faces so glued to our phones and laptops and our tablets, life is more interesting and entertaining there. Especially when your friends and family live stream from somewhere at something that you can't be at. Soon live streaming may be coming to your tv! Find out the details HERE
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by Admin posted Oct 12 2016 8:23AM
Do you have deep emotional scars from bad Halloween candy you got as a kid? It sounds crazy . . . but I'll never forget when I sat down after trick-or-treating, and tried Milk Duds for the first time. Never again. put together a list of the worst Halloween candy to get when you're trick-or-treating. It's totally subjective, but it's hard to argue with a lot of their picks. Here are the top 10 . . .

1. Necco Wafers.

2. Smarties. That's two "chalk-y" items in the top two spots.

3. Candy buttons.

4. Candy corn.

5. Brach's Pumpkins. Those are the little pumpkin versions of candy corn.

6. Dum Dums lollipops.

7. Tootsie Rolls.

8. Hot Tamales.

9. Laffy Taffy, specifically the banana flavor.

10. Twizzlers.


by Admin posted Oct 12 2016 6:15AM
When TIM TEBOW revealed that God's will was for him to play minor league baseball . . . it was unclear WHY. Well, things are starting to make a little more sense.

And no, it has nothing to do with him showing any talent as a baseball player.

Yesterday, Tebow was at the ballpark in Arizona signing autographs when a fan reportedly had a SEIZURE. He walked over . . . put his hand on the fan . . . said a prayer . . . and the fan came-to, and started breathing.

One local reporter said it was a "WOW" moment, and she also described it as "witnessing a miracle." There's even video of Tebow's work online.

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by Admin posted Oct 11 2016 3:08PM
America fell in love with the red sweater guy, Ken Bone at the most recent presidential debate, so much so that his red sweater has sold out on line. Unfortunately he himself didn't see any of that money but he could make some serious bank if he enters the 'Bone Zone!" What's that? Check it out HERE
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by Admin posted Oct 11 2016 8:00AM
Do you shower like other people? You probably assume you do, but you don't ACTUALLY know. So a new survey by Buzzfeed tried to figure out exactly what the average person does in the shower. Check it out . . .

1. 79% of people stand . . . but 6% shower sitting down. The other 15% stand most of the time, but sit to shave their legs.

2. 68% face away from the shower head . . . 32% stand toward it.

3. 55% make the water as hot as possible, and 45% keep it warm but not hot.

4. Only 31% wash their hair with shampoo every day. 54% do it a few times a week . . . 12% do it once a week or less . . . and 1% NEVER do.

5. 81% of people always wash their hair first, then their body.

6. 76% always use conditioner after they shampoo. And 8% never use it.

7. And finally, believe it or not, 72% of people say they pee in the shower.

by Admin posted Oct 11 2016 6:54AM
SHAILENE WOODLEY was arrested yesterday morning while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota . . . and she broadcast the whole thing on Facebook Live.

She was charged with criminal trespassing. She and her mother were peacefully protesting with hundreds of others . . . but the cops showed up, and started making arrests.

She said they started returning to their vehicle when they were asked to leave, but she was stopped and arrested. She'd been filming for two hours, and her mom took over while she was being taken in.

Shailene said other people were allowed to leave, but she was arrested because, quote, "I'm well known, it's because I have 40,000 people watching.

"We were going to our vehicle, which they had all surrounded. [They were] waiting for me with giant guns and a giant truck behind them just so they could arrest me. I hope you're watching, mainstream media." In all, 27 people were arrested.

A police spokesman said the protesters were, quote, "asked to disperse many, many times, but ignored those warnings."
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by Admin posted Oct 10 2016 4:35PM
Remember the scene from the "Growns Ups" movie starring Adam Sandler where he frantically has to back peddle out of explaining the term "wasted" to the kids? He uses the analogy of eating too much ice cream. There's a company out there who plans to acually help you get ice cream wasted with flavors like "chocolate whiskey salted caramel!" Take our money now! Check out where you can get this goodness HERE
by Admin posted Oct 10 2016 3:12PM
More and more girls want in on male dominated sports, hey if they can bring it and can take it then why not? For instance, check out this girl kicker who leveled out a guy kick returner HERE! Impressive!
by Robbie Daniels posted Oct 10 2016 12:00PM
A Baltimore couple saw the wall of their hotel room in the Bahamas peeling away and just minutes later, the wall was gone during Hurricane Matthew.

by Admin posted Oct 10 2016 8:00AM
This seems like an awful lot of work to protect a $25,000 Toyota.

A 55-year-old woman in Miami was worried about her Toyota Venza getting destroyed by Hurricane Matthew last week. So her solution was to drive it into her LIVING ROOM.

She and her fiancé took out their large living room window, built a ramp, and drove the car INSIDE. But . . . the hurricane wound up not hitting Miami. And now they're having trouble getting the car back outside.

(ABC News)

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by Admin posted Oct 10 2016 6:48AM

You're not going to believe this, but people who post a lot of selfies on social media are probably self-centered. Shocking, right?

A new study out of Thailand found people who take and post a lot of selfies are more likely to be vain . . . attention-seeking . . . full of anxiety . . . and LONELY than other people.

On the bright side, the study found that some other studies that have found a link between people who post selfies and MENTAL ILLNESS are probably wrong. They're just vain and lonely . . . which is much better, all things considered.

(Daily Mail)
by Admin posted Oct 7 2016 2:15PM
If some of the football stadiums are looking a little empty to you during those Monday, Thursday and Sunday night games, you're not alone. Ratings are down 14% this for the NFL. However effective immediately the NFL will fine the teams if they post on social media 60 mins prior to or during the game! Whoa! So those of us who can't be in front of a tv during the big game how will we stay up to date on highlights and the score? Find out HERE
by Admin posted Oct 7 2016 8:00AM
I'm not sure we needed a study to tell us dads get to have more FUN with the kids than moms, but here you go.

A new study out of the University of Minnesota just found that dads get more of the "fun" parenting jobs, like playing with the kids . . . and moms have more of the "horrible, soul crushing" ones, like cleaning up after them.

The researchers say that makes moms, quote, "less happy, more stressed, and more fatigued" than dads. Have a great weekend!

(Huffington Post)
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by Admin posted Oct 7 2016 6:47AM

French fries are one of the world's most delicious foods . . . unless they're cold. Then they're like salty drywall. Why does that happen?

A chemistry professor from American University in Washington D.C. finally has the answer for you. It all has to do with the starch in the potatoes.

When French fries are hot, the starch inside is retaining water, which makes them taste great. But once they cool down, that water evaporates . . . and the taste goes with it.

by Admin posted Oct 6 2016 5:20PM
If you're a victim of domestic abuse in the state of Georgia and report it but for whatever reason you choose NOT to press charges, should you still have to pay the investigation administrative fees? Georgia thinks so, how much? Find out HERE
by Admin posted Oct 6 2016 2:57PM
These silly clown sightings are bad timing, there is too much crazy going on in the world and people are starting to protect themselves accordingly. With sightings now being witnessed locally both in Fargo and Bismarck it's the clowns actually who should worry! If the public feels that their safety is being threatened they will act in self defense. If that's not enough there are even those out looking for these clowns making the hunter become the hunted so to speak and that's no laughing matter to those around the country who actually take clown art seriously. Which is why they're staging a "Clown Lives Matter" parade. Yep. Details HERE
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by Robbie Daniels posted Oct 6 2016 10:00AM
Kevin Judd and his team from Creative Lighting Displays used many thousands of lights to create this amazing drive-thru "Thriller Nights of Lights" Halloween light show display at the Hank Aaron Stadium in Mobile, Alabama. The show is synced to a variety of Halloween classics, including Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

by Admin posted Oct 6 2016 8:09AM

The WORST Black Friday trend is people killing each other to save $17 on vests from the Adam Levine collection. The second worst trend is every store opening on THANKSGIVING, just to get a jump on the day.

Fortunately, it looks like that trend is reversing. LOTS of stores have been announcing that they'll be staying closed on Thanksgiving this year, and opening in the morning for Black Friday, like in the good old days. You know, 2013.

Some of the places that'll be closed are Costco . . . Home Depot . . . Nordstrom . . . Gamestop . . . TJ Maxx . . . Crate and Barrel . . . Staples . . . and the entire Mall of America in Minnesota, which is the biggest mall in the country.

But it's just for the 1,200 employees who work FOR the mall . . . the stores IN the mall can choose to be open. But hopefully they get the point.

by Admin posted Oct 6 2016 5:56AM
KATIE COURIC may seem perky and happy all the time, but she has feelings just like the rest of us. And they can be hurt when somebody calls her names.

This week, Katie was on ANNA FARIS' podcast, "Anna Faris is Unqualified", and she revealed that she was recently cyber-bullied.

She said, quote, "The other day, I was going through my Facebook mentions . . . and some guy said, 'Clearly you're over-tanning. Your skin looks like a MONKEY SCROTUM.'" (???)

And it HURT. She said, quote "I thought, Wow, really? First of all, I thought, oh gosh, maybe I am over-tanning, but then I thought, what motivates someone to be so nasty?

"I think when you become a public figure, per se, people completely lose sight that you're a real person . . . and when I read these mean comments it's like a knife in my heart."
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by Admin posted Oct 5 2016 3:17PM
Over half of the U.S. buys their groceries at Walmart and they're about to add a new way for you to shop with them. Want to save time and hassle? Then check out the details HERE
by Admin posted Oct 5 2016 2:12PM
Not since 2012 has the Mall Of America completely closed up shop on Thanksgiving Day, but this year they're thinking of their employees! Does that mean the park, restaurants and movie theatres too? Find out HERE
by Elite Daily posted Oct 5 2016 12:00PM

Although the frosty meal doesn't actually use ramen noodles (it's a crushed iced dessert), you can still slurp it up, annoying all of your friends in the process. Read more here:

by Admin posted Oct 5 2016 8:00AM
In case you didn't hear, Facebook launched a new feature on Monday called "Marketplace." It's like their version of Craigslist, where people can buy and sell stuff locally. And just like Craigslist . . . it immediately went EVIL.

Apparently it was just OVERRUN on the first day by people selling things like DRUGS . . . illegal animals like rare snakes and baby hedgehogs . . . and prostitution services, of course.

Facebook issued a statement yesterday saying it was a "technical issue" that let all those ads slip through, and they're working on making sure their filters do a better job keeping out illegal stuff.

(Business Insider)
by Admin posted Oct 5 2016 6:58AM
A new study claims "Guardians of the Galaxy" has the highest onscreen body count in movie history, with 83,871 deaths.

The belief is that the Death Star destroying the planet of Alderaan in "Star Wars" wouldn't count, since the deaths weren't really shown onscreen. But in "Guardians of the Galaxy", you see over 80,000 ships actually explode onscreen when the Dark Aster crashes through them.

Here are the movies with the highest body count, according to

1. "Guardians of the Galaxy" . . . 83,871 deaths

2. "Dracula Untold" . . . 5,687 deaths

3. "The Sum of All Fears" . . . 2,922 deaths

4. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" . . . 2,798 deaths

5. "300: Rise of an Empire" . . . 2,234 deaths

6. "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" . . . 1,741 deaths

7. "The Matrix Revolutions" . . . 1,647 deaths

8. "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" . . . 1,417 deaths

9. "Braveheart" . . . 1,297 deaths

10. "The Avengers" . . . 1,019 deaths

Originally posted on October 5th, 2016
by Admin posted Oct 4 2016 3:46PM
Men around the world are putting nail polish on and it's for a good cause! Read why HERE
by Admin posted Oct 4 2016 1:02PM
This 102 year old grandma was recently arrested for fulfilling an item on her bucket list! What was it? Check it out HERE
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by Admin posted Oct 4 2016 12:12PM
When actor Ben Stiller was diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly two years ago early detection is what he feels saved his life plus the advice of another famous actor friend who had previously survived a bout himself, check out the story HERE
by Admin posted Oct 4 2016 8:01AM

The Texas Rangers just announced some RIDICULOUS new food items they'll be selling at their concession stands during the baseball playoffs.

And they either hired a PSYCHOPATH as their new head chef . . . or they overbought on food, and they're randomly throwing it all together to try to get rid of it. Here are three of the new things they'll have on sale . . .

1. A pita bread sandwich featuring smoked brisket, mac-and-cheese, and caramel popcorn. And from the picture, it looks like they put either mustard or nacho cheese on top of all that. It costs $15.

2. A TWO-POUND hamburger covered in a cheese sauce made from ghost peppers. It costs $27.

3. And a hot dog inside of a tamale, covered in chili and nacho cheese. They didn't say how much that one's going to cost.

The Rangers kick off the playoffs on Thursday afternoon.

(NBC 5 - Dallas / Fort Worth)

(Here are photos of these three monstrosities.)

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by Admin posted Oct 4 2016 6:37AM
Now, I know we've all wondered, if only for a second, if the armed robbery of KIM KARDASHIAN could have been some kind of publicity stunt. But is that really possible?

A bodyguard named Steve Stanulis thinks so . . . but he could easily fit into the "disgruntled ex-employee" category, since he worked for Kim and KANYE WEST, but was fired earlier this year, and claimed Kanye let him go for talking to Kim.

Anyway, he says he wouldn't be surprised if it was a hoax, in part because of her not having security around her. Especially after that moron tried to kiss her butt earlier in the week.

He also says they're probably happy to be in the headlines again because, quote, "they haven't been that relevant lately." If this WAS legit, he says she "opened herself up to it," by going on Snapchat and telling everyone where she was going.

Another theory that's a little less loopy is that this was an INSIDE JOB. Because someone close to the Kardashians would know where Kim would be and whether she'd have protection. And also, how much jewelry she brought with her. One possibility is that it was a security guard.
by Admin posted Oct 3 2016 3:24PM
You can't deny it, the Bison football team, the dynasty that they've created, the players, the coaching staff, even the school, there's a lot of praise to be said, however this one is about us! Cheers to you the Bison fans and tailgaters, check it out HERE
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by Admin posted Oct 3 2016 2:18PM
If you're not quite sold on the self driving vehicle thing just yet, feeling a little like "hey let's slow down this robots taking over humans thing?" Toyota has come up with a new plan that will help us all learn to work together, a human to robot friendship if you will, check it out HERE
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by Robbie Daniels posted Oct 3 2016 10:00AM

Robin Williams' widow, Susan Schneider Williams, has written an essay about the beloved comedian's final days battling a rare form of dementia before committing suicide in August 2014. She wrote for the medical journeyNeurology about finding out from the medical examiner that he suffered from Lewy body dementia, which affects 1.5 million people worldwide. The 63-year-old began suffering from symptoms of heartburn, insomnia, stress, paranoia and delusions in October of 2013.

Read Susan Schneider Williams' Essay About Her Oscar-Winning Husband:
by Admin posted Oct 3 2016 8:00AM
There was a survey last week that found a longer battery life is the number one feature people want in their phone. So here are three ways to help your battery stay charged longer. And they're all backed by science . . .

1. Don't let it get too hot. Heat speeds up the chemical reaction inside the battery and drains it faster. So don't leave it next to a heater, or let it sit out in the sun.

2. Never let the battery die. Lithium ion batteries degrade over time, so eventually they can't hold as much juice on a single charge. And they degrade faster if you always let the battery die before you charge it. So if your phone's about to die, you should just turn it off.

3. If you won't be using it for a while, store it half-charged. Right around 50% is good, and keep it in a cool, dry place.

It's only worth doing if you're turning it off for at least a few days though. Like if you'll be out of cell range all weekend, or flying overseas where you can't use it. If it's only for a few hours, don't worry about it.

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