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by Admin posted Oct 2 2014 7:00AM
After the summer of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised lots of money and awareness for ALS, a drier -- but saucier -- social media campaign called #FeelingNuts is raising awareness for testicular cancer. Men taking part in the campaign send out a photo of themselves grabbing their crotches as a way to encourage men to regularly check their testicles for any lumps. The #FeelingNuts hashtag was started by the British organization Check One Two, and it's gained momentum as celebrities have joined in, including comedian Ricky Gervais, actor Hugh Jackman & Hair band Steel Panther!

by CNET posted Oct 2 2014 6:00AM
Is this Batman like enough? Or Should it have something more super hero-ish?
McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong have unveiled the Batman burger! The Dark Knight inspired burger features two beef patties, an egg, onions, and two types of sauce and comes in a Batman themed box.

There's nothing the Justice League can't make appealing, right? If you've seen the new Batman-themed burger being sold at Hong Kong McDonald's restaurant, then you'd know that statement is indeed false.
CNET reports the Batman burger doesn't exactly make your mouth water or bring visions of the caped crusader to mind.
Instead the "Diner Double Beef", as it's being referred to, comes with an unidentified white sauce, two beef patties, a slice of yellow cheese, a fried egg and some kind of steak sauce. There also appears to be, maybe, onions in there somewhere.
The mysterious burger isn't the only Batman-themed item being hawked at Hong Kong McDonald's. The fast food joint has tied the superhero to a side dish called "Squeeze Cheesy Fries," which is made of squeeze-cheese, bacon bits and French fries.
We can't be sure, because we don't now what constitutes squeeze-cheese, but the side dish doesn't sound too, um, scary.
Hong Kong McDonald's is also suggesting guests finish their meals with a cup of green-apple tea.
Perhaps the most Batman-related part of the meal is the packaging: Customers who order the Batman burger all have their meal served in a Batman-head box.
According to CNET, the Batman burger is just the beginning. McDonald's Hong Kong plans for future meals dedicated to the Flash, Superman and Green Lantern.

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