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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 24 2015 11:00AM

Join Team MN DAK at the Transplant Games of America

June 10-15, 2016 * Cleveland, Ohio

TEAM MN DAK consists of athletes and support members who participate in the various events at the Donate Life Transplant Games of America. Our athletes hail from MN, ND, SD and Western WI. We are always thrilled to welcome new members to the team and would love to have more people join us for the 2016 Games in Cleveland.
Donate Life Transplant Games of America is a multi-sport festival that promotes the need for organ and tissue donation by showcasing the success of transplantation. Competition events are open to living donors, organ and bone marrow recipients, and limited number of corneal and tissue transplant recipients. More than an athletic event, the Transplant Games highlight the critical importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation, while celebrating the lives of donors and recipients.
For More Information Contact
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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 24 2015 10:00AM
Men have their caves to watch sports and drink beer in, but what do the ladies have? "She sheds," that's right, the pretty little shacks are taking over Pinterest. The main idea behind the spaces seems to be that they're a place for a woman to relax. Usually found in what appear to be backyards, they sometimes feature gardening tools and places to have tea. They're also usually beautifully and thoughtfully decorated inside and out to reflect the owner's tastes. Check out some images below.

by Admin posted Apr 24 2015 6:33AM
Gotta love a good bench clearing brawl! Its like spring cleaning for the soul. Ventura, Edinson Volquez, and Lorenzo Cain were ejected for Kansas City, while the White Sox lost Jeff Samardzija and Chris Sale.

Heres the Brawl
by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 23 2015 1:00PM
Lego style Star Wars Trailer...The Harrison Ford Lego guy is awesome!

by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 23 2015 11:00AM
National Donate Life Month (NDLM) was instituted by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003. Celebrated in April each year, NDLM features an entire month of local, regional and national activities to help encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of donation.

When Carson was less than two months old he underwent his first major surgery. Called the Kasai Procedure, this surgery is the first step in dealing with the pediatric liver disease Biliary Atresia (BA). Fewer than 300 children in the US are born with BA every year, and it is the number one reason why children receive liver transplants. The Kasai Procedure was successful and allowed Carson to go home for a period of time to recover and grow. But we also knew there was something wrong with his heart, and that the Kasai Procedure (essentially a bypass for the liver) was a temporary fix only.
Soon Carson's liver began to fail, but before he could be placed on the transplant waiting list his heart defect needed to be repaired. At six months of age, Carson had the hole between his ventricles patched. The heart surgery was completely successful but he went into end-stage liver failure and began to decline rapidly. He was put on the transplant list mid-November of 2001. His health got progressively worse and eventually his kidneys stopped functioning. As a result he was placed on dialysis. Carson was running out of time.
After two failed attempts at the living donor option from his mother (Rhonda was a match, but Carson would frequently spike fevers, cancelling the transplant), Carson finally got the liver that he needed on December 30, 2001 at eight months of age. He is now nearly 14 years old.
Carson's medical case was complicated, but his equation was simple. He needed a new liver, or he would die. Fortunately for us, a family across the country made the decision to donate the organs of a loved-one who died an accidental death. Without that selfless act of love and kindness, Carson would not be with us today.
Please talk to your family about organ donation today.
The Kitch family, Travis, Rhonda, Carson, and Grace
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by Admin posted Apr 23 2015 10:00AM
A woman has sued MILA KUNIS . . . claiming that she stole a chicken named "Doggie" from her 25 years ago. Seriously.

Her name is Kristina Karo, and she claims she was Mila's best friend back in the Ukraine, when they were kids. Kristina had a pet chicken named "Doggie", and when they were in first grade, Mila used to play with him all the time.

But one day he turned up missing . . . and that's when Mila admitted that she STOLE him. Kristina was really attached to Doggie, and says the whole situation messed her up pretty bad, and she went through years of therapy and emotional distress. She's asking for $5,000 in damages.

So, why did Kristina wait 25 years to sue? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that she's in L.A. now, trying to jump-start a singing career.

And since she has a single called "Give Me Green Card", there's a good chance she's a little opportunistic.

(The song is dumb, but so was "Gangnam Style".)

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by Admin posted Apr 23 2015 6:40AM
South Dakota is lonely. For less than 30 cents a day you can help them feel better about themseves with booze you buy for them....or move there instead of Mars. Plus they have fudge.

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by posted Apr 22 2015 1:00PM
April 19, 2015, Pat DeCola,

Everyone knows that the physical and mental demands of being a NASCAR
driver take a significant toll on an athlete over the course of several in­car hours every weekend.
Well, usually. "I would tell anyone, and I'll tell this group, that on a perfect day I feel like the coordination and the
physical conditioning it takes to be a race car driver is probably on par with the capabilities of an 8­
year­old," Brad Keselowski said Sunday morning at Bristol Motor Speedway, site of the
Food City 500 in Support of Steve Byrnes and Stand Up To Cancer.
Only problem is ­­ "there are very few perfect days," according to the 2012 Sprint Cup Series
The Team Penske driver discussed the time he gave NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas
Cowboy Michael Irvin a pace car ride in 2008 to illustrate the experience of being in a race car.
"I would kind of relay that back to this time I was at Texas Motor Speedway and did a ride­along
with Michael Irvin, the wide receiver for the Cowboys, and we ran two or three laps, I think, and we
got out and he threw up all over and passed out and sat on the ground," Keselowski said. "Here's a
guy who is a football player, arguably the most physically fit athletes probably on the planet, at least
very well­balanced in that sense, and he passed out in the race car."
But why, exactly, would a former all­world professional athlete struggle to keep his lunch down in
just a few laps when we see 43 drivers stay focused behind the wheel over the course of several
hours every Sunday?
"The reason for that is very simple ­­ the mental challenge that it takes to be a race car driver
affects the physical challenge because when the demands on your body or the demands on your
mind get elevated as they do here at Bristol, you do things that you shouldn't do that make the
physical challenge harder," Keselowski said. "You hold your breath, you grab the steering wheel
way harder than you need to grab it, you tighten up inside the car. The next thing you know you're
extremely fatigued no matter what conditioning level you have."
And the 5­foot­10 Keselowski said even if you were a 7­foot­1 future NBA Hall of Famer, things
would still be the same.
"I don't care if you're Shaq (Shaquille O'Neal), it doesn't matter because the mental side of your
body is telling yourself, 'Oh crap' " he said. "It's going to use all the strength you have no matter
what your strength limits are, so kind of mastering the mental side as a race car driver is probably
the bigger challenge to almost every track we go to.
"As far as mastering the mental side, that'll happen at some of the bigger and more intermediate
That doesn't happen, however, at "The Last Great Colosseum."
"Bristol is one of the few exceptions to that," Keselowski said. "Bristol is one of those tracks where
the physical demands are probably at their highest, specific to this configuration at Bristol with this
car and this grip level and tire, so Bristol is one of the few exceptions to that where I feel like even
having a very solid and strong mental approach, almost every driver will leave here very fatigued."
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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 22 2015 11:00AM
"National Donate Life Month (NDLM) was instituted by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003. Celebrated in April each year, NDLM features an entire month of local, regional and national activities to help encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of donation."

Tammy Winter
I was diagnosed with Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy when I was only 19 years old. I was told that one day I would need a kidney transplant. It didn't really sink in at the time. I just tried to focus on what it was that I needed to do now. Eat right, low protein and low salt. I became a patient at Mayo Clinic as they were studying the effects of fish oil on IgA Neph. So for about 3 years I was watched closely and took my fish oil. Then at a study checkup in early 1995 my creatinine level had gone over 5.0. They told me it was time to get on the waiting list for a kidney.
In 1996 I got married and we moved to Plymouth, Minnesota. My new insurance had me switch from Mayo to the University of Minnesota Nephrology Department. At first I fought the change, but in the end it worked out perfectly. After being on the waiting list for about 2.5 years I got the call. It was July 27, 1997, a Sunday, I was 24 years old. At about 4:00 in the morning I woke up to use the bathroom. As I was settling back into my pillow I was thinking about how I didn't have anything going on that day and maybe I could lay out by the pool for a bit. RING! Who is calling at this time of the night? What? Who? No, I'm not sick right now, yes, I can be there in two hours…it was a blur of activity. About 9 hours later I was in the OR. That hospital stay lasted 6 days and then I went home. Another week after that and I went back to work part-time. I guess the rest is history. So nearly 17 years and two daughters later, here I am still celebrating my gifted kidney.
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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 22 2015 10:06AM
Is he laughing or crying???

by Admin posted Apr 21 2015 2:08PM

MOTLEY CRUE has added 21 more concerts to their "farewell tour." The new dates are scheduled between October and December. As they've previously announced, their final show will be in L.A. on New Year's Eve.

The new shows will all take place in arenas, so TOMMY LEE will be flying out over the audience on his "drum rollercoaster."

On top of that, they'll have something called "The Crue's Nest". It's a levitating platform away from the main stage, which the band will "ride" with select fans during the last song.

NIKKI SIXX says, quote, "We have a 'B' stage that goes up about 40 feet in the air, so we were like, 'Why don't we just strap a bunch of fans to it?' . . . We had to build special seats with harnesses and seatbelts, but it's really cool . . . it'll be like an amusement park ride."

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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 21 2015 1:00PM
We're thinking the Caffeine Spider the way to go...

by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 21 2015 11:00AM
National Donate Life Month (NDLM) was instituted by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003. Celebrated in April each year, NDLM features an entire month of local, regional and national activities to help encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of donation.

Cherie Finneman
I was born with a hole in my heart (ventricular septal defect, or VSD) and had open-heart surgery at the age of 3. I did fine in school and activities throughout elementary and high school, and participated in intramural sports in college. In 1992 I was diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension. In 2002 I had several hospitalizations and was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. There I started on various medications and was listed for a heart/lung transplant in July 2003.
In April 2004 it was suggested Mayo transplant team that I transfer down to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville to wait for my transplant there. I moved down there in June and got my call on August 5, 2004, with surgery starting shortly after midnight. I left Florida in November to come back to North Dakota. I did post-transplant check-ups there until 2011 when I began treating back in Rochester again.
I have written my donor family twice and would love to meet them. This last August I celebrated my 10 yr transplant anniversary and last summer I attended my first Transplant Games. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.
by Admin posted Apr 21 2015 6:31AM
Has Google found the Loch Ness Monster?
Google has used its Street View cameras to search for the Loch Ness Monster - and one picture in particular will attract the attention of Nessie hunters. Click the link below for the story from the UK. on it....I worked hard getting it there.
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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 20 2015 11:37AM
This week, we'll share with you, some friends from the Fargo Moorhead community who's lives have been saved because of the generous Gift of Life from very generous people & their families. Read more on National Donate Life here & read their amazing stories.!

"National Donate Life Month (NDLM) was instituted by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003. Celebrated in April each year, NDLM features an entire month of local, regional and national activities to help encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of donation."

Susan Skedsvold
After 10 years of declining health, I was diagnosed with Cryptogenic (disease of the unknown) Liver Disease. I just had a bad liver. After two years on the transplant waiting list and being shut in my home, my liver continued to fail and I experienced severe encephalopathy. On February 1, 2009 I received a call from my second cousin's family in California. My cousin Donald had suffered a stroke and was declared brain dead. Donald was not a registered donor and his family had not considered donation until his 87-year-old father reminded them that I needed a liver. Donald's family decided to direct gift me his liver. Donald was a perfect match for me and I had my life-saving transplant on February 4, 2009. Because of their decision to help me, Donald's family also decided to donate his heart, lungs and kidneys, which resulted in saving four more lives. After my transplant we were informed that I would have only made it one more month, two at the most. The doctors determined that my liver would have quickly failed and I would have plummeted with little hope of receiving a liver.
In July 2014, as members of Team MN DAK, Kim and I attended the Transplant Games of America in Houston, TX. It was a Celebration of Life. I am so thankful for my gift and to Kim and Donald's family. We share a special bond and I am grateful.

2015 National Donate Life Month
How many times have you been caught in the rain without an umbrella? We all, at times, find ourselves in situations where we are in need of shelter and comfort, whether it is an inevitable rain shower or a difficult time in one's life.
For the 2015 National Donate Life Month artwork, spring showers and the symbol of an umbrella inspired the Donate Life America team. This whimsical depiction is meant to call to mind how we each have an opportunity to play the role of the umbrella, or person holding it, for others in need.
Donation and the Donate Life umbrella, provide hope, strength and LIFE. Registered donors offer hope to those waiting. Recipients inspire strength. Donors give new life. Under the Donate Life umbrella, we find comfort. And the rain brings new growth.
We wish you a Happy National Donation Life Month. Thank you for your efforts in educating and registering others as organ, eye and tissue donors!

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by Huffinton Post posted Apr 20 2015 10:00AM
It Looks like she literally has a FOOD BABY!
Molly Schuyler has done it again.
On Sunday, the 120-pound mom-of-four set yet another competitive eating record when she scarfed down three enormous steak dinners in 20 minutes at The Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo, Texas.
According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Schuyler, who competed alone, was pitted against four teams of two at the eating competition. The teams included a pair of professional wrestlers and two former West Texas A&M University football players.
Each duo was reportedly allowed to split the enormous meal -- three 72-ounce steaks, three baked potatoes, three shrimp cocktails, three salads and three rolls -- between them. Schuyler, however, still emerged victorious, finishing the meal in 20 minutes flat.
"We've seen a lot of things come through these doors but Molly... she takes the cake... she takes lots and lots of cake," restaurant co-owner Bobby Lee told the news outlet.
According to the Washington Post, The Big Texan restaurant's "72 oz Steak Rules" says that "if a customer can consume a steak that size in an hour, plus sides … without getting up from the table or receiving any help, he or she gets the $72 charge refunded."
Other people have been successful at meeting this challenge. None, however, has even come close to Schuyler's success. (The mom from Nebraska previously devoured two 72-ounce steak dinners at The Big Texan in just under 15 minutes.)
"We've been doing this contest since 1960, and in all that time we've never had anybody come in to actually eat that many steaks at one time -- so this is a first for us and after 55 years of it, it's a big deal," co-owner Danny Lee told KVII-TV of Schuyler's recent success.
For her steak-eating efforts, Schuyler -- who has previously clinched records for eating a staggering amount of other foods, including chicken wings, bacon and mushrooms -- walked home $5,000 richer.

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by Admin posted Apr 20 2015 6:19AM
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony went down Saturday night. The televised version won't air on HBO until May 30th . . . but here are eight highlights:

1. One of the more interesting quotes came from Yoko Ono, who called Ringo Starr the, quote, "most influential" member of The Beatles in a backstage interview. And no, she didn't mean the most influential SURVIVING Beatle.
She said, quote, "No one is probably going to believe it, but he was the most influential Beatle." She didn't elaborate directly . . . but she added that when she came onto the scene, Ringo was the most popular Beatle.
Quote, "John would go up and down and all that, but Ringo was always just very gentle. And he really believed in peace and love . . . he just sort of embodies peace and love."
She also took a shot at the Hall for taking so long to induct Ringo: Quote, "John got it, then George got it, then Paul got it. So why didn't they think about Ringo?"

2. During Ringo's speech, he offered up this helpful tip for musicians in a band: (Careful!) Quote, "If you fart, own up. It'll cause hell if you don't own up because everyone will blame everyone else. Make a pact that you'll own up to it. We did, and that's why we did so well."

3. When Paul McCartney was inducting Ringo, he had this to say about the first audition: Quote, "Most of the drummers couldn't nail the drum part. It was a little bit difficult to do, but Ringo nailed it.

"I remember the moment, standing there, and looking at John [Lennon] and looking at George [Harrison] and the look on our faces was . . . [effing] . . . what is this? And that was the moment, really, that was the beginning of the Beatles."

4. Ringo closed out the show by performing "Boys" with Green Day . . . "It Don't Come Easy" with his brother-in-law Joe Walsh . . . and "With a Little Help from My Friends" and "I Wanna Be Your Man" with Paul, and basically everyone else who was there.

5. As we were warned beforehand, Miley Cyrus was there to induct Joan Jett. She gave a speech, which a lot of people actually liked . . . but then in true Miley fashion, she ended up topless, and wearing only NIPPLE PASTIES with "Js" on them, for "Joan Jett." She was also sporting some ARMPIT HAIR.

by Admin posted Apr 17 2015 11:31AM
2015 amfAR Hong Kong Gala - Inside
The new Star Wars trailer isn't the only video that people are talking about...

David Hasselhoff has released a ridiculously cheesy video for his new song "True Survivor," which makes use of every '80s cliche imaginable.

It features Hasselhoff going full Knight Rider
in a leather jacket and acid wash jeans as scenes involving dinosaurs, a Viking battle and a variety of explosions take place around him.

Naturally, the video ends with Hasselhoff riding off the screen on the back of a T-Rex!

According to The Wrap, the song is the lead track from the upcoming Kickstarter-funded action comedy film King Fury.

The Wrap)

by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 17 2015 10:00AM

A three-year-old named Ethan Carnesecca has been in a hospital in Salt Lake City for almost a month with pneumonia. And his parents recently noticed the only thing that cheered him up was playing with his Hot Wheels. He always holds one in his hand when he has a procedure, and keeps them lined up next to him on his bed. He's so protective, his nurses won't even touch them.
Earlier this month, a friend of Ethan's dad who happens to run a blog about COLLECTING Hot Wheels heard about it, and asked if he could post something. And since then, Ethan has been up to his ears in toy cars . . . because collectors from all over the WORLD have been mailing them in. He's gotten about 200 cars so far, including more than a hundred this week alone. And more cars keep showing up every day. His parents say he still has a ways to go, but he's doing a lot better. And he's been smiling a lot more than he was.

If you want to send him a car, the address is: Ethan Carnesecca c/o Primary Children's Hospital, 100 Mario Capecchi Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84132.

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by Admin posted Apr 17 2015 6:25AM
If you're even just a casual "Star Wars" fan, the new trailer that was released yesterday is guaranteed to give you CHILLS. It stars with a voiceover from MARK HAMILL . . . a.k.a. Luke Skywalker . . . saying, quote, "The Force is strong in my family. My father has it . . . I have it . . . my sister has it. You have that power, too."

When he says, "My father has it," you see a busted-up Darth Vader mask. Why he says "HAS" instead of "HAD", when Vader is supposed to be dead isn't clear . . .

But the lines are actually from "Return of the Jedi", when Luke first told Princess Leia they were brother and sister. And the trailer shows what LOOKS like one woman handing a lightsaber to another woman.

What we're assuming here is that it's Leia handing the lightsaber to her DAUGHTER . . . and she's the one Luke is talking to in the voiceover. We're also assuming her dad is Han Solo, because you KNOW he hit that.

Then there are a bunch of action scenes. But like all good geek porn, they saved the MONEY SHOT for the end . . . HARRISON FORD as Han Solo, side-by-side with Chewbacca, saying, quote, "Chewie . . . we're home."

"Star Wars: Episode 7" hits theaters December 18th. I'll be there wearing my Chebacca hat.
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by ESPN posted Apr 16 2015 11:00AM
The hidden-ball trick isn't anything new -- and it's not even exclusive to baseball.
But it still gets us every time.
I mean, how could you not love the facial expressions of the various people involved in the latest successful trickeration, including the player who was fooled and the fans in the background?
Or what about the complete bewilderment of the poor broadcaster who had to figure out in real time what exactly went on during the third inning of Monday night's Triple-A game between the Columbus Clippers and Indianapolis Indians?

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by Admin posted Apr 16 2015 10:20AM
You know how everyone thought the video of Dennis Quaid going on a profanity-laced tirade was a hoax perpetrated by Jimmy Kimmel?

It was actually Funny or Die's idea, as the Will Ferrell-backed comedy website admitted yesterday, posting the full footage of Quaid's faux freakout.

There, it's revealed that a pair of crass references to equine fecal matter and pluralized female genitalia were, in fact, literal observations of equine fecal matter and a basket of kittens on a fake film set.

Well payed, D. Quaid!

(Source: EW)
by ABC News posted Apr 15 2015 11:00AM
Bruce Jenner speaks for the first time in a new promotional clip of Diane Sawyer's exclusive interview with the former Olympic champion.
"My whole life has been getting me ready for this," Jenner said in a promo that will begin airing on the ABC Television Network tonight.
Jenner sat down with Sawyer for a far-ranging, two-hour interview that will air on Friday, April 24 during a special edition of "20/20."
The special, "Bruce Jenner – The Interview," airs on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 15 2015 10:00AM
Mom records as kid contemplates his diet while on the toilet!
Kids say the darnedest things! The parents of a 3 1/2 year-old catch their kid talking about how their poop will overflow the toilet because of all the things he ate.
Listen to this child talk about his poop will overflow the toilet.
Need a good laugh!? You have to watch this! You'll have tears streaming down your face!! Our 3 1/2 year old contemplates the effects of his diet.

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by Admin posted Apr 15 2015 9:43AM
Three police officers in Texas are facing possible disciplinary action after a video surfaced online of them letting an underage girl out of a ticket for drinking by playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The incident took place over the weekend at the annual Chilifest in the town of Snook. "It gives all of us a bad name," said county constable Dennis Gaas. "[Playing] games to get someone out of a ticket, I have a problem with that."

About 113 not-so-lucky people were given citations at this year's Chilifest for various rule-breaking; 44 people were also arrested.

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by Admin posted Apr 15 2015 6:27AM
It seems a little cruel to talk about tax refunds here on tax day, when some people have to write MASSIVE checks to the government . . . but whatever. They won't be able to hear us over the sound of their tears anyway.

The average tax refund this year is $2,815, and a new survey asked people what they plan on doing with it. Here are the top six answers . . .

1. 33% will spend it on a vacation.

2. 32% will put it into savings.

3. 31% will pay off debt.

4. 2% will put it towards buying a home.

5. 1% will go on a shopping spree.

6. And 1% will buy something for their kids.
by Admin posted Apr 14 2015 3:14PM
Olivia Munn is joining the X-Men universe.

Yesterday, X-Men Apocalypse
director Bryan Singer announced on Twitter that Munn has been cast in the upcoming X-Men installment as Psylocke, a sexy superhero whose special powers include ninja skills, psychic conjuring and the ability to fight with flashy purple swords she literally creates with her mind.

"Excited to welcome Olivia Munn as Besty Braddock!" Singer tweeted, using the character's alter-ego name.

She'll join such X-Men
first-timers as Ben Hardy, who will play Angel, and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

X-Men Apocalypse
arrives in theaters on May 27, 2016.

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by Admin posted Apr 14 2015 2:49PM
A new report from San Diego's Naval Medical Center reveals that a man tore a tendon in his thumb by playing too much Candy Crush on his smartphone over the course of several weeks.

Almost as remarkable as the injury itself is that the man, a military veteran who was between jobs, kept right on playing through what should have been excruciating pain.

"We need to be aware that certain video games can act like digital painkillers," said Dr. Andrew Doan, the study's co-author. "We have to be very cognizant that that can be abused."

Live Science)
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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 14 2015 1:00PM
A chimpanzee at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands didn't take well to a drone being used by a zookeeper to get footage of the chimp enclosure, swatting it down out of the air with a stick. After it fell to the ground, a chimp -- perhaps the same camera-shy one -- is seen close-up checking out the drone, before losing interest and walking away.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 14 2015 10:00AM
Heroes don't get any bigger with the new trailer for Marvel's "Ant-Man," in theaters July 17!

by Admin posted Apr 14 2015 5:59AM
The MIGHTY Boston Red Sox played their home opener at Fenway Park yesterday. I peed a little. Pretty dang exciting. Anyhoo, Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY . . . you know, Super Bowl champion Tom Brady? . . . was there to throw out the first pitch. And he BLEW IT.

The ball was wide left, but more importantly, it didn't even make it to the batter's box in the air. Red Sox stud DAVID ORTIZ made it look a lot better though, by scooping it up on one hop like it was no big deal.

In Tom's defense, a baseball is pretty hard, and there's no way to deflate it.

On the graphic the "Washington Post" made last year to chart the accuracy of celebrity first pitches, you'll see that Brady's attempt was roughly comparable to those of Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey and Santa Claus.

Heres the embarassment

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by posted Apr 13 2015 11:00AM
WARR ACRES, Oklah. – The owner of a restaurant in Oklahoma has reportedly stepped up to offer a free meal after she noticed that someone had been going through their dumpster, likely looking for food.
Ashley Jiron, owner of P.B. Jams, told FOX 13 News sister station KFOR in Oklahoma that she had noticed someone had been rummaging through their trash, specifically in food containers and that it appeared food had been taken out.
"That really, it hurt me that someone had to do that," she told KFOR.
The idea of someone dumpster diving for food made her decide to take action, so she put up a sign in her window offering a free meal for the person in need.
The note reads: "To the person going through our trash for their next meal, you're a human being and worth more than a meal from the dumpster. Please come in during business hours for a classic Pb&j, fresh veggies, and a cup of water at no charge. No questions asked. – your friend, the owner.

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by Admin posted Apr 13 2015 6:20AM

We really shouldn't have to say this: Please don't dangle your child over a group of deadly, hungry animals.

A woman was at the Metroparks Zoo in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday afternoon with her two-year-old son, and they were looking at some cheetahs. So she decided to DANGLE him over their pit.

And then . . . she DROPPED him.

He fell about 10 feet and hurt his leg . . . but that was the least of his problems. He was alone with a bunch of cheetahs who EASILY could've pounced before help got there.

Thankfully, they didn't . . . for whatever reason, they never even wandered his way. His parents hopped into the pit and pulled him out . . . then he went to the hospital for his leg.

Now his mother could be facing child endangerment charges.

(Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 10 2015 11:00AM
It stows and deploys itself automatically. Its power trim allows you to adjust to what's below the water in an instant. And with the brand-new foot pedal and your choice of i-Pilot® or i-Pilot® Link™, it all happens at the touch of a button. It's the motor that has everything. At least, everything we've thought of so far.

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 10 2015 10:06AM
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced yesterday that it will award comedian Eddie Murphy with its Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

An annual prize, the Mark Twain award is considered to be a prestigious honor. Carol Burnett, Richard Pryor and Tina Fey are among previous recipients.

Murphy released a statement saying, "I am deeply honored to receive this recognition from the Kennedy Center and to join the distinguished list of past recipients of this award."

Murphy will be honored for his "groundbreaking" comedy work at a gala event on October 18, which will later be broadcast.

by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 10 2015 9:46AM
Back when he was a college student at the University of Texas, Mad Men star Jon Hamm was the instigator in a brutal hazing incident that led to criminal charges being filed against him and his fraternity getting disbanded.

According to a 1991 lawsuit
recently unearthed by Star, Hamm allegedly beat up Sigma Nu pledge Mark Allen Sanders. "He rears back and hits me left-handed, and he hit me right over my right kidney," Sanders said in the suit. Hamm then dragged him along the ground by his genitals using a hammer and lit his jeans on fire.

Charges against Hamm were ultimately thrown out after he completed probation.
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Location : Texas
by Admin posted Apr 10 2015 6:02AM
North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has lost a friendly wager to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker after yes, sadly, UND was defeated by Boston University 5-3. Dalrymple bet a pack of North Dakota-made Widman's chocolate-covered potato chips thatUND would win at TD Garden. Boston Charlie bet his wife. Or something. I didnt actually see.
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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 9 2015 11:11AM
You probably saw pictures of a Golden Girls-themed Lego set on the Internet this week and figured that it was merely a TV fanatic's fantasy. But believe it or not, an actual Golden Girls Lego set might soon become a reality.

The inventor who made the set submitted it to Lego Ideas, a site where various proposals and projects can garner fan votes.

Projects that collect 10,000 votes--as the Golden Girls
set did on Tuesday--then receive formal consideration from Lego execs.

While not every fan-voted idea goes into production, Lego has already debuted TV-themed building sets featuring Spongebob Squarepants, The Lone Ranger and The Simpsons.

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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 9 2015 11:04AM
On Tuesday, April 8, 2015, street artist Plastic Jesus put up signs around Los Angeles that read, No Kardashian Parking Anytime. HipHollywood caught up with a few LA citizens to get their reactions to the signs. It is worth noting that the signs are considered vanalism and they will be taken down.

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People : Plastic Jesus
by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 9 2015 10:51AM
Four underage Louisiana State University frat dudes were driving to Gulf Shores, Alabama, for Spring Break on Monday when they were pulled over on Interstate 10.

The cops inquired as to whether they could search a trailer the students were towing on the back of their truck, and they stupidly granted permission.

The contents of the trailer were as follows: 106 18-packs of Natural Light beer, five 12-packs of Corona (for classy chicks), five liters of Franzia wine, and several bottles of rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey, reports

All four were issued minor-in-possession summonses, and the booze was confiscated.

Spring Break!!!

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by Admin posted Apr 9 2015 6:15AM

The first round of The Masters is today. But each year, everyone plays the par three course at Augusta National the day before, just for fun.

And the highlight yesterday was when JACK NICKLAUS teed off on the fourth hole . . . and got a HOLE-IN-ONE.

A few other golfers got hole-in-ones too, but Jack was the only 75-year-old to do it . . . and he also kind of PREDICTED it. He did an interview with ESPN earlier in the day, and said he'd try to hit a hole-in-one, because he knew the fans would love it.

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by KUSA-TV posted Apr 8 2015 1:00PM

BOULDER - Colorado Parks and Wildlife say goldfish have taken over a lake in Boulder.
Wildlife officials believe someone dumped a handful of the pet fish into Teller Lake a few years ago. That handful has now multiplied to thousands.
"These are domestic fish actually.These are fish from a store I imagine. They can out-compete the native fish," Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jennifer Churchill said.
The goldfish are much larger than the ones you may win at the fair. If they aren't contained to a fishbowl, goldfish can grow to be several inches long.
Wildlife officials say they have two options: They can drain the lake and start rebuilding the natural fish stock from scratch, or they can bring in a specialized boat that would allow them to pick out the goldfish only.
"[The boat] has little pointers at the front with electroshock. It stuns the fish. It doesn't kill them. They get stunned and they float to the surface and we can collect them," Churchill said.
In that scenario, the fish would then go to a raptor rehabilitation center as feed.
There is no timetable for when CPW will actually remove the fish.
(KUSA-TV © 2015 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 8 2015 11:35AM
Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer revealed this week on writer Bill Simmons' podcast that the sitcom's coming back for at least 17 more episodes.

"I love Arrested Development
, but it was never a huge thing," Grazer said. "But people are loyal to it. We're going to do another 17 episodes, so stay tuned for more Arrested Development."

Grazer didn't say, however, whether those 17 episodes would air on Netflix, which brought the show back for a fourth season in May 2013 after FOX cancelled it in 2006.

Since Grazer made his remarks, Netflix has reportedly declined to comment on whether they're involved in the new episodes.

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 8 2015 10:52AM

A guy in Changsha, China named Yuan got into a car accident a few weeks ago, and was taken to the hospital. So doctors contacted everyone in his phone to tell them what was going on.

His girlfriend panicked, and rushed there to see him. But then . . . ANOTHER one of his girlfriends also showed up. And another. And another. And on and on and on.

It turns out Yuan had SEVENTEEN girlfriends, and none of them knew about each other . . . until they all met at the hospital. And apparently, they all went from worried about him to FURIOUS at him.

One of them said she'd been with him for NINE years. Another one says she has a SON with him. And another one had already started planning their wedding.

His injuries weren't life threatening . . . but we're assuming all 17 of his relationships pretty much flat lined.

(Source: South China Morning Post)

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by Admin posted Apr 8 2015 6:18AM
Looks like they're going to have it their way.

Burger King is offering to foot the wedding bill for Joel Burger and Ashley King whose impending nuptials and unusual name combination has given them a whopper of national attention.

Monday evening, the Illinois couple got the good news via Skype that the fast food chain will paying the expenses and providing gifts for the July 17 wedding in Jacksonville.

"When we heard about the happy, Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage," Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King Brand spokesman told the State Journal-Register. "On so many levels it felt like fate; they found each other and their story found us."

The couple has been known as Burger-King since they were in the fifth grade together, in New Berlin near Springfield. After Joel recently proposed to Ashley at a lake, they decided to take their engagement photos at their local Burger King, which went viral. They reached out to the company to ask if they could use the brand's logo on their wedding favors – and that's when they got an early wedding gift.

The Burger King company is also providing the wedding guests yo-yos, gift bags, Mason Jars and Burger King crowns, all personalized for the Burger-King wedding.
by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 7 2015 1:42PM
The Star Wars franchise is boldly going where it's never gone before: to digital download retailers.

Lucasfilm announced yesterday that all six Star Wars
movies, from the 1977 original to 2005's Revenge of the Sith, will become available for purchase starting on April 10 at sites like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Video, the PlayStation Store, and similar portals.

The move comes as the J.J. Abrams-directed The Force Awakens
, the seventh Star Wars film, plans to hit theaters in December.

USA Today
reports that the suggested retail price is $20 per movie, or $100 for the entire set.

by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 7 2015 1:33PM

26-year-old Ellanora Baidoo of Brooklyn, New York has been trying to get a divorce from her husband for YEARS. His name is Victor Blood-Dzraku. They haven't lived together since 2011 . . . and she has no idea where he is.

And that's been a big problem, since her lawyers can't serve him with divorce papers if they can't find him. Even their private investigators couldn't track him down.

But Victor IS active on Facebook. So Ellanora went to court and asked if she could be the first person EVER to serve divorce papers over Facebook.

A judge just granted them permission last week, and they sent him the papers in a Facebook message. So far, he hasn't responded.

The judge told them to try two more times . . . and if he STILL doesn't acknowledge it, the divorce will be official anyway.

So we're like two legal cases away from being able to get divorced just by switching your relationship status on Facebook.

(Source: New York Daily News)

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by Robbie Daniels posted Apr 7 2015 11:00AM
National Beer Day is celebrated annually on April 7th. Celebrate with a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or mild ale.
One of the world's oldest prepared beverages, beer possibly dates back to 9500 BC when cereal was first farmed. It is recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt.
Beer is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Following water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall.
On April 7, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years.
Our research found that this day was created as National Beer Day, an "unofficial" holiday by Justin Smith, a Colorado Springs Craft Beer Examiner and his friend Mike Connolly. April 7th was choosen because of the Cullen-Harrison Act being signed into law and becoming effective on this day. In 2009, A National Beer Day Facebook page was created by Smith and Connolly from which they invited friends to join. From that page, word has spread and April 7 is known by many sources as National Beer Day.

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by Admin posted Apr 7 2015 6:33AM
26-year-old Ellanora Baidoo of Brooklyn, New York has been trying to get a divorce from her husband for YEARS. His name is Victor Blood-Dzraku. They haven't lived together since 2011 . . . and she has no idea where he is.

And that's been a big problem, since her lawyers can't serve him with divorce papers if they can't find him. Even their private investigators couldn't track him down.

But Victor IS active on Facebook. So Ellanora went to court and asked if she could be the first person EVER to serve divorce papers over Facebook.

A judge just granted them permission last week, and they sent him the papers in a Facebook message. So far, he hasn't responded.

The judge told them to try two more times . . . and if he STILL doesn't acknowledge it, the divorce will be official anyway.

So we're like two legal cases away from being able to get divorced just by switching your relationship status on Facebook.

(New York Daily News)
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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 6 2015 11:41AM
Daniel Craig reportedly underwent knee surgery over the weekend after injuring himself on the set of the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre.

"During a scheduled break [in filming], Daniel Craig had arthroscopic surgery to repair his knee injury," a spokesperson told BBC News. "He will rejoin production on April 22 at Pinewood [Studios]."

Craig had his surgery in New York even though Spectre
is being shot in Europe and the UK. Craig had reportedly sprained his knee back in February; on February 6, former Bond actor Roger Moore had tweeted, "Sorry to hear Daniel Craig has sprained his knee...I'm available to step in if needed."

by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 6 2015 11:31AM
Dwayne Johnson enjoyed a special Easter Sunday thanks to a young fan who's battling cancer.

On Instagram yesterday, Johnson shared a pic of him and his admirer, along with the story of how they met.

"After my workout, I'm drivin' in my pickup and notice these kids in the rearview mirror screamin' and runnin' after my truck," Johnson wrote. "I hop out of my truck and this kid runs up to me, hugs the hell outta me and says it's been his life dream to meet me and tell me how much I've inspired him to fight cancer (Hodgkins' lymphoma) and hardcore chemo and stem cell transplant treatments...I told him what it meant to me to hear this story."

And we thank The Rock for sharing it with us also!

Source: E! Online)

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People : Dwayne Johnson
by Admin posted Apr 6 2015 9:00AM
A woman in Kentucky had to give birth by the side of the road last week. THANKS, OBAMA. No, really. For once, it's LITERALLY President Obama's fault.

Jessica Brown and her husband Zakk Satterley were rushing toward a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday afternoon, because she was in LABOR. But they got stuck in a terrible traffic jam.

President Obama was in town, and the roads were shut down for his motorcade. Jessica called an ambulance, but it couldn't get to them. So . . . she had to give birth right there.

Fortunately, a nurse named Tonia Vetter was stuck a few cars back and realized something was wrong. So she ran up and helped Jessica deliver the baby.

She says everything went extremely well, considering how many things could've gone wrong . . . from hemorrhaging to problems with the umbilical cord.

They used a SHOELACE to cut the cord . . . wrapped the baby in a blanket from someone else's trunk . . . and Jessica and the baby eventually made it to the hospital where they're both doing great.

(FOX 41 - Louisville)
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by Admin posted Apr 6 2015 6:43AM
There's a fine line between an Easter egg hunt and total anarchy. This DEFINITELY falls into the second category.

Sacramento, California tried to set a world record for the biggest Easter egg hunt ever on Saturday, but they FAILED . . . in more ways than one.

First off, they put down 500,000 eggs, which is a lot . . . but wasn't enough to set a world record.

And second . . . the whole thing turned into utter CHAOS.

There was no organization, so the bigger kids started trampling the little kids for eggs. Then the PARENTS got involved, and started trampling EVERYONE to get eggs for their own children.

Kids were crying, getting hurt . . . and parents were pushing and swearing at them and each other.

One mother who was there summed it up, quote, "It was horrible."

(CBS 13 - Sacramento)
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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 3 2015 11:00AM
Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers recently admitted to Ultimate Classic Rock that he was initially skeptical about the forthcoming reissues of 1974's Bad Company and 1975's Straight Shooter.

"Because when we go in the studio, we go to record 'the one,' you know?" Rodgers went on to say that he had a change of heart when he started listening to their archives. "But they sent me all of this material and I listened, and there's two songs, 'See The Sunlight' and 'All Night Long,' I'm like, 'Wow, I haven't heard those in 40 years!'"

Ultimately, he decided that if the cut tracks were interesting to him, then they would probably be interesting to fans as well.

Ultimate Classic Rock)
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by Admin posted Apr 3 2015 11:00AM
Here's some good news if you're one of those women who wears make-up and perfume to the gym. The make-up is still ridiculous . . . but pretty soon, the perfume won't be.

Some scientists at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland have created a new type of perfume that actually smells BETTER the more you sweat.

It's made out of an ionic solution that only releases a scent when it gets wet. So when you're working out, the harder you push yourself, the more of the scent it'll release . . . and the better you'll smell.

There's more. The solution also breaks down in the chemicals in your sweat that make you stink . . . so between that and the perfume, it's really doubling how good you'll smell.

There's no word on when it could go on sale. Sorry bro, there's also no word on whether they're going to make a badass body spray either.

(Daily Mail)
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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 3 2015 10:48AM
On Thursday's episode of The Price is Right, one lucky contestant won a car despite guessing its price tag incorrectly.

After the contestant gave the wrong answer, model Manuela Arbeláez accidentally unveiled the real price as well.

"Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car!" host Drew Carey declared before bursting into laughter.

Arbeláez looked absolutely mortified, but the woman who won the car was understandably thrilled.

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by Admin posted Apr 3 2015 10:00AM
A model on "The Price Is Right" accidentally gave away a CAR yesterday. It happened when a contestant named Andrea had three chances to guess how much the car cost, and had five prices to choose from.

But after her first guess, the model revealed the actual price . . . then got so embarrassed, she hid behind the display until they went to commercial.

The producers gave Andrea the car anyway though . . . then she got to the Showcase Showdown later on, and won ANOTHER car.

She said later on that she wasn't in trouble, and that the producers and Drew Carey were supportive of her.

Heres the vid~ Enjoy!
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by Admin posted Apr 3 2015 9:00AM
When this Russian mechanic came into work, we're willing to bet that he didn't expect anything like this to happen! Situations like this are why everybody is always preaching safety because anything can happen at any time!

When this guy fills up a truck tire,it gets a bit too full and the situation goes bad! Watch as the tire explodes, throwing the mechanic in the air. Luckily it looks like he was moving around and ok afterwards.

Check out the video below to see it all go down. We bet that he will keep a close eye on tire pressure in the future to prevent more catastrophes like these!

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by Admin posted Apr 3 2015 8:00AM

(every weekday)

8:15 AM – 12:15 PM – 4:15 PM

by Admin posted Apr 3 2015 6:10AM

Jason Statham is the bad guy in this one. He plays the brother of the guy Vin Diesel's crew took down in the last movie. He's out for revenge for what they did to his brother, and "Furious 7" starts out with him putting The Rock in the hospital.

Kurt Russell has a cameo as a government agent who agrees to help them find Statham . . . if they'll rescue computer hacker Nathalie Emmanuel from a terrorist. "Game of Thrones" fans will recognize her as Daenerys Targaryen's slave interpreter.

Ludacris, Tyrese, and Jordana Brewster are all back for Paul Walker's final ride. And amnesiac Michelle Rodriguez has a big fight scene with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.

Check out the trailer~
by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 2 2015 10:40AM
Very few people who walk this earth have the good fortune to win a $1 million lottery prize in their lifetime. But on Friday, a British couple won their second such prize in as many years.

The Guardian
caught up with David and Kath Long at a pub called the Mallard, where they've been drinking away some of their initial windfall.

The pub is where David finally proposed to Kath after a 12-year engagement, with their initial lottery luck making marriage fiscally plausible.

It turns out they still live in a mobile home, although they recently purchased a two-bedroom house up the road.

With this fresh million, however, David says, "I want something bigger," while Kath adds, "We've seen a four-bed advertised that looks nice."

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by Admin posted Apr 2 2015 5:53AM
Have you ever wondered what the cast of "The Avengers" would look like if the movie was made 30 years ago? The website has put together the dream cast for a 1985 "Avengers" flick.

Here it is, along with the age of each actor at the time:

Iron Man: Burt Reynolds (49)

The Hulk: Mel Gibson (29) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (38)

That would be Mel as Bruce Banner and Arnold as the Hulk. Remember, there was no CGI yet, so they would have had to paint a guy green, like they did to Lou Ferrigno on the "Hulk" TV show.

Thor: Dolph Lundgren (28)

Captain America: Patrick Swayze (33)

Hawkeye: Tom Cruise (23)

Black Widow: Michelle Pfeiffer (27)

Nick Fury: Clint Eastwood (55)

Agent Coulson: Bill Murray (35)

Spider-Man: Michael J. Fox (24)

No, Spider-Man isn't in "The Avengers" or the upcoming sequel. But he WILL be in next year's "Captain America" movie, "Civil War".

by posted Apr 1 2015 11:00AM
So what brought 31-year-old Joey DiJulio, of Seattle, to PHL for his first trip ever to the northeast? Would you believe a typo? A single letter mistyped in an email. Instead of being sent to DiGulio with a "G" it was mistakenly sent to him-- DiJulio with a "J". It wasn't just any email, it was an invite to a party.
Read More: Man Accidentally Invited To Party Accepts Invite
"It was from Jeff, and it was for a bachelor party, and I had no idea who he was," Joey told FOX 29.
However, entertained by some of the responses, Joey followed the email chain for several weeks, until, "About a week ago a message came through saying we gotta get a final head count, and so if I'm gonna write back, this is the time to do it," Joey explained.
Joey decided he wanted to go and he came clean. And would you believe he was invited? He's a real-life semi-professional bachelor party crasher. So here he is for the bachelor party weekend. He's in from Seattle and about to meet bachelor Jeff Minetti and his fiancee, Amy Lee, for the first time at the airport. They welcomed him with Tastykakes.
So why would they invite a stranger? "The city of brotherly love. And any and all are welcome," Jeff said.
Speaking of brotherly love, the story gets better. Joey started a GoFundMe account to pay for the trip--calling it "Bachelor Party 4 Guy I've Never Met."
Over 400 people raised more than $8,000 dollars. They had his back, so he honored them by putting their names on his back, or rather, the back of his sweatshirt.
"People across the country--across the world even. They really wanted to donate, they loved the story, appreciate it, and they're giving 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks here and there,"Joey explained.
And in return, the money Joey didn't spend to get here will go to the bride and groom's honeymoon in Italy. Also, in that spirit of friendship, Jeff sent FOX 29's Brad Sattin a message inviting him to the bachelor party tomorrow. In addition, to the same spirit of misspelling names, he called Brad-- "Bob." The wedding, by the way, is planned for May and Joey is hoping to come back to attend.

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 1 2015 10:56AM
An Ohio woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend several times on Sunday because he had been "eating all of the salsa."

Phyllis Jefferson, 50, attacked 61-year-old Ronnie Buckner with both a pen and
a knife after she noticed him inhaling far too many chips with salsa for her liking. She also tried to knock over his TV.

When police arrived, Buckner was bleeding outside his home and Jefferson fled the scene.

She was pulled over on the highway shortly after and charged with felonious assault and criminal damaging.

NBC affiliate WKYC reports
that Buckner was rushed to a hospital and that his injuries are not life-threatening.

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by Chad Johnson posted Apr 1 2015 10:50AM
Here's some good clean fun with Robbie & Dave in the Morning. Feel free to try this office prank, it's easy and it shouldn't get you fired!

Happy April Fool's Day!

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by Scotty Matthews posted Apr 1 2015 10:16AM
When Burger King announced that it would be selling limited-edition bottles of a cologne that smelled like Whoppers for one day only--April 1, no less--in Japan, it had the whiff of an April Fools' joke.

But today, for $40, scores of Japanese customers got a burger served alongside their BK fragrance, with one customer telling the AP that it smelled "spicy."

Stars & Stripes was less charitable, describing the scent like so: "Instead of smelling like a flame-broiled patty, it was more like the last call on curry at a bad Indian restaurant that happens to have an onion farm out back."

by Admin posted Apr 1 2015 5:58AM

HAWLEY, Minn. (AP) — A small airplane has collided with a car while making an emergency landing on a Minnesota highway. No injuries were reported.

Pilot David Gowan of Minot, North Dakota, said that the incident happened Tuesday morning after he took off from the airport in Hawley. He picked up a passenger and refueled his 1979 single-engine Mooney.

The car, which belongs to the Clay County Health Department, ended up in a ditch and sustained significant damage after being hit by the airplane propeller. Gowan says the damage to his aircraft is "minimal."

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Minnesota Highway Patrol are investigating the incident.

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