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A new survey on Memorial Day spending is out, and the average person will spend a total of $225 on three things . . . food, booze, and DEALS. Here's how it breaks down . . .

1. We'll spend an average of 70 bucks on food this weekend. 51% of us plan to cook at home . . . 44% are going to a barbecue or picnic with friends and family . . . and just 5% of us are going out to eat.

2. 47% of us are buying alcohol, and spending an average of $55 on it. 81% plan to buy beer . . . 47% will buy wine . . . 23% will buy vodka . . . and 21% will buy whiskey.

3. The average person looking for DEALS this weekend will spend about $100 shopping. 34% of us plan to buy clothes . . . 22% are buying something for the house . . . 21% are buying shoes . . . and 12% are looking for deals on electronics.
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Video: Former Nose-Pickers Eat Their Boogers For The First Time As Adults....

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A girl was celebrating her Sweet 16 in Levittown, Pennsylvania, when all of sudden it LITERALLY RAINED POOP!

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Matt Skuta's slowed-down footage of the storm over Norman, Oklahoma, shows the lightning creep across the sky in slow motion.
Published on May 16, 2015
Footage of large wedge-shaped tornado with close dramatic lightning strikes in foreground along with timelapse and slow-motion shots near Elmer, OK.

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People made fun of McDonald's for bringing back the Hamburglar as a middle-aged dad with skinny jeans. So how will they react to THIS?

KFC just announced they're bringing back Colonel Sanders. He'll be in their new TV commercials starting Monday, in honor of KFC's 75th anniversary.

The original Colonel Sanders wasn't a character . . . he was a real businessman named Harland Sanders, and he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Unfortunately he died in 1980.

So for the new ad campaign, he'll be played by . . . Darrell Hammond from "Saturday Night Live". He's the guy who does Bill Clinton, and Sean Conneryin the 'Celebrity Jeopardy' skits with Will Ferrell.

He's not a member of the cast anymore, but he became their announcer last year after Don Pardo died.

And in the new commercials, they're going for more of a SPOOF of Colonel Sanders than a recreation of the real thing. Maybe that's for the best?

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Kenny Lee Lewis from the Steve Miller Band talking about his early days, who is hard to work with in the business, and what to expect Wednesday night at Scheel's Arena!

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Does it bother you when aging rock stars like STEVEN TYLER and BRET MICHAELS use their celebrity to launch country careers? Well, it's definitely annoying the hell out of some country performers.

CLAY WALKER tells the "Modesto Bee", quote, "I can't stand to see outdated rock 'n' rollers coming in to play country music. That really [ticks] me off. We have great singers, great country musicians.

"There's no reason we have to dilute it by letting people in the format that don't have any business being in the format."

WILL HOGE may have even coined a name for it when he Tweeted, "New genre, "Carpetbagger Country: When your career goes south, so do you. Y'all discuss." (Carpetbagger country. Bam! Somebody call Urban Dictionary.)
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SAMMY HAGAR has taken some shots at DAVID LEE ROTH and VAN HALEN recently, so it isn't surprising that Dave would jab back at Sammy when he was asked if he'd sing any of Sammy's songs on the Van Halen tour.

He said, quote, "Well, there's a credibility issue there. Good, bad, or in the middle, you know Roth means it, the other guy doesn't. And that's why it sold half as well . . . never did better than half. And why would you bring that into the proceedings?

"This hamburger don't need no helper . . . ain't no rehearsin' pants in my closet."

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It's happened to almost everybody-- you are introduced to someone new, and then forget their name within a few seconds. Experts are now explaining why it's easier to remember faces than it is to remember names. In a new video from ASAPScience, producers Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown explain that our brains are hardwired to recognize facial details, but not to process arbitrary data. In other words, because names are random and hold no specific information, the brain struggles to remember them. Additionally, when you meet someone brand new, your brain is worrying about what you'll say next, and what the person will say next, and isn't totally focused on what the other person is saying in the moment. The effect is amplified if you're not totally interested in the new person you're meeting.

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by Huffington Post posted May 18 2015 10:00AM

A dogged fan at the Royals-Yankees game in Kansas City on Saturday caught a ball after nearly two years of waiting, then immediately gave it away to a child.
But according to one local news report, she may have had a change of heart and tried to get it back.
The woman sitting by the Royals dugout reached out in front of a child to catch the ball, which had been tossed into the stands by a Royals player, then theatrically kissed her biceps afterward. It may have been a little long-overdue revenge, as the same woman was seen on camera almost catching a ball in 2013... only to have a kid snag it at the last moment.
The story seemed to have a happy ending for everyone when she turned around and gave it to a child anyway. But one local news station thinks she may have tried to get it back -- showing video of the woman apparently saying "Give me my ball back" shortly afterward.
"I think what happened was she thought she was off camera," KCTV-5 sports reporter Brad Fanning speculated. "She wants her ball back."
It's not clear if she was actually trying to get the ball back, just messing with the kid or speaking to someone else entirely. But if she really wanted to keep the ball, maybe she should've pulled this sneaky move instead.

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