by UPI posted May 27 2016 11:00AM
Boys really love their video games. Police say that a brave seven-year-old boy physically confronted a much larger, armed robber who was attempting to rob a Game Stop in Silver Spring, Maryland. The Montgomery County Police Department posted a video of the security camera footage on YouTube. The video shows two masked men armed with guns barging into the store and ordering customers to move to the wall by the counter, where the two clerks were standing. One of the robbers passes by the seven-year-old, who did not hesitate to jump at the suspect and begin throwing punches. A robber then drags the boy behind the counter before the two robbers stole money and personal belongings from the store and its occupants. No one was reported injured (UPI)

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6-year-old Obadiah Gamble received a birthday present he'll never forget - a visit from his favorite Minnesota Vikings player Teddy Bridgewater, who he invited to his birthday party with the catchy music video "Hey Teddy."

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We found a list online of mistakes you might be making on the grill. And we've seen some before, like don't grill steaks while they're still cold. They should be at room temperature. But here are five more tips that might help you out this weekend . . .

1. Don't use too much lighter fluid. Put newspaper under the charcoal, and use THAT to get them started. Or if you have to use it, let the charcoal burn for about 30 minutes to burn it off. Otherwise your food might end up tasting like lighter fluid.

2. Make sure the grill is super hot, especially for steak. You want it to sear the outside. If you slow-cook steaks with the lid down, you basically end up steaming them, and they'll turn out dry.

3. Don't use direct heat all the time. Once they're seared on the outside, move them to the edge of the grill, so they don't get burnt.

4. Don't move the meat around too much. Let it sit for about four minutes after you put it on. And don't poke it or push down on it with tongs, because it makes all the juices leak out.

5. Don't cook too many things at once. If you cook two types of meat at the same time, the flavors end up transferring. And if the entire grill is full, you won't be able to move things to the edge of the grill when you need to.

by TIME posted May 26 2016 1:00PM
AS you get ready for the Holiday weekend...keep this in mind:

When it comes to drinking, scientists usually focus on how bad it can be for you-- but what about how much fun you can have doing it? Researchers from the London School of Economics used an app they created called Mappiness, to survey 31,000 users on their happiness at random locations several times a day, on a scale of 1 to 100. They found that when users were drinking, their happiness increased by 10.79 points. Since drinking often occurs when other pleasurable events are happening (like hanging out with friends), the scientists controlled for those outside factors, and still they found that drinking increased happiness by 4 points-- which is considered a significant amount. Researchers note, "Drinking had the greatest impact when it came alongside otherwise unenjoyable activities (traveling/ commuting, waiting), and only increased the happiness of already enjoyable activities by smaller amounts (socializing, making love)." Also notable, while alcohol did boost happiness in the short term, it was not shown to make users more content in the long term.

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You probably THINK you're pretty good at getting-it-on, because everyone does. But here's a super easy trick to make yourself even better, and it doesn't require any flexibility . . . or even effort. In fact, it rewards laziness.

A new study found that the key to having a good sex life is spooning for about six minutes afterward. That's it. You don't have to go longer than 10 minutes, but you shouldn't go less than five.

71% of women who cuddled up for six to 10 minutes after the last time they got-it-on gave the whole session a good rating.

But only 44% of women who cuddled for zero to five minutes said it was good.

And the researchers say there's a direct connection between spending some time lying together afterward, and feeling satisfied with your sex life overall.

And one more thing: The study also found that middle-aged people are more likely to try ADVENTUROUS new stuff in bed than younger people. So go have sex in a tree house or something . . . just make sure to cuddle after.

People between the ages of 40 and 59 are having the best, most adventurous sex. Which is fine, as long as the rest of us don't have to see it.

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Do you stick with the standard ketchup-and-mustard combo on your hot dogs, or do you go crazy and just pile stuff on there?

Well, according to a new survey, the average American uses ELEVEN different toppings. But that's over the course of a year, not all at once. And it includes everything from ketchup to cheese.

The most popular toppings are mustard, ketchup, cheese, chili, onions, and relish . . . 73% of people said their favorite way to cook hot dogs is on the grill . . . and the number one topping we want to TRY is bacon.

(PR Newswire)

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A ten-year-old Collie in Portland, Oregon named Ollie was having health issues last week, and suddenly became PARALYZED.

A lot of things can cause paralysis in dogs, including a fractured vertebrae, or even cancer. But in this case the vet couldn't figure out why.

It got to the point where Ollie couldn't even go to the bathroom, so his owners decided to have him put down, so he wouldn't suffer anymore.

But right before Ollie was supposed to be euthanized, an intern was prepping him. And while she was petting him, she felt a LUMP behind one of his ears.

Her name is Neena Golden, and she's technically doing an "externship," which is like an internship but usually not as extensive. And it turned out the lump she found was a TICK, and THAT'S what was causing the paralysis.

Ollie's vet says he read about tick paralysis in school, but it's pretty rare and he'd never actually seen a case before. But once they removed the tick, Ollie was back to normal within about ten hours, and he should be fine.

( / CNN / KPTV)

(Check out photos of Ollie and the intern who saved him here)

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A woman in South Africa posted a video where she's inside a tent on a nature preserve, and two LIONS are licking water off the outside of it. But they either don't know she's there or they don't care. So they don't try to eat her.

Some SOLID camera work btw...BALLS O' STEEEEEL!

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Recently a charity football game between the FDNY and NYPD was had and a brutal brawl broke, so when that happens just who the heck do you call to come break it up??!! Find out what happened HERE
by UPI posted May 23 2016 11:00AM
Talk about finding food on the run. A motorist in New South Wales, Australia questioned the safety of the road after seeing a flaming pizza oven being pulled on a trailer. Kerri Lacey posted a video of the incident to Facebook last week. The video shows a trailer-mounted pizza oven filled with flames while apparently cooking a pizza in transit on the freeway.

Watch the flames here:
Fox Facebook