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National Television Awards 2015 - Arrivals
Robbie & Dave this week talked about the Kardashians signing a new deal for over $100 million to keep them at E! for another four years. And as you would expect, were totally disgusted with the whole thing, but then this story came to their attention...finally someone who said NO WAY TO THE KARDASHIANS! We applaud you sir!  Follow the link to read the entire story posted...written by Ed Kemmick for

Not keeping up with Kardashians benefits dog sled guide

Photo courtesy of Yellowstone Sled Dog Adventures
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There's a photo going around online that's causing intense debate.  It surfaced a few days ago, and it just shows a dress . . . there's nothing really special about it.
But some people see it as blue and black . . . and others see it as white and gold.  And when you look at it and find out which camp you fall into, you'll have NO idea how ANYONE could see the other set of colors.
Then there are people who describe seeing it as blue and black in one place, then white and gold when they see the photo on a different site, or under different lighting.  So what's going on?
One theory is that the cones and rods in your retinas cause some people to see blue and black, while others will see white and gold.  There's clearly some sort of optical illusion going on . . . but no one who understands that kind of stuff has chimed in yet.
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HOT ROD MAGAZINE-Jerry Heasley 2/19/2015 

Standing by his ’60 survivor with 11,870 miles on the odometer, Gary Skinner told us, “I rode in it when it was brand-new. The owner put it up in 1968 and didn’t drive it again.” All the while, Skinner waited for his chance. He grew up with the original owner Ed Graye, a schoolteacher from the little town of West Frankfort, Illinois...


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While the sound of it might be something quite atrocious, if you thrash it loud enough you'll always sound precocious.
That seems to be the mantra of YouTube video remixer Andy Rehfeldt, who has created a heavy metal cover of the Mary Poppins classic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious full of guitar shreds and guttural growls, with vocals from Sera Hatchett from Mercy Brown.

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The 2014-15 Louisville Leopard Percussionists rehearsing Kashmir, The Ocean, and Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.
The Louisville Leopard Percussionists began in 1993. They are a performing ensemble of approximately 55 student musicians, ages 7-12, living in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Each student learns and acquires proficiency on several instruments, such as marimbas, xylophone, vibraphone, drum set, timbales, congas, bongos and piano.

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We found a GREAT story about a woman who got revenge on the coworkers who kept stealing her lunch . . . and it's a MILLION times more effective than a passive-aggressive note.
A guy posted on that his wife was having trouble with coworkers taking her lunch from the fridge at work.  So he made her some buffalo wings . . . but covered them in ghost pepper chili powder and Blair's 4am Reserve.
If you don't know, ghost peppers are one of the world's hottest chilies, and Blair's 4am Reserve is one of the hottest hot sauces known to man.  It's 7,476 times spicier than Tabasco.
He ate a couple wings to make sure they wouldn't KILL anybody, and says they were REALLY hot.  Nothing would cut the heat, and the ghost chilies actually got HOTTER as time went on.
So his wife brought them to work, and just before lunch, they heard someone YELL from the kitchen.  It was one of the younger guys she works with . . . and he ran to the bathroom and wound up vomiting uncontrollably.
No one has touched her lunch since. 
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"Guardians of the Galaxy" relied on plenty of animation.  But the toughest part of the animators' jobs was designing Groot's ROOT.  And by that I mean his crotch, which they worked hard to make completely un-suggestive.

Director JAMES GUNN says, quote, "[It was] incredibly difficult to work on the crotch area . . . either a piece of bark looked too cheesy and fig leaf-like or a root was in just the wrong place that looked like an ingrown penis.

"There were more iterations of Groot's crotch than any part of his body."




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A new law in California will require the state’s prisons to make condoms available to all prisoners, even though sex between prisoners is not only against the rules, it’s a felony...our tax dollars at work america.

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