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Some Christmas videos are making the rounds today. One is a montage of cats attacking Christmas trees, and knocking them over . . . the second is people getting nailed in the face by snowballs, in slow-motion.

And remember when someone put a GoPro on a bottle of liquor, and passed it around a wedding reception? Well, someone else just did it at a Christmas party in New York.
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There's a video going viral of a guy dressed as Megatron from "Transformers" . . . going on a huge RANT about social media. Ironically, it's going viral ON social media.

Apparently it was at Universal Studios, either in Orlando or L.A. And he started ranting when a girl posed next to him, and said she was taking a selfie.

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VATICAN CITY—Hoping to have all his holiday decorations up by the weekend, His Holiness Pope Francis has spent the past two hours rummaging through the basement of the papal apartments in search of the Vatican's plastic nativity scene figures, sources confirmed Friday.

After climbing over dusty cases of sacramental wine and bins filled with mothballed vestments, the pope reportedly found the set's plywood manger in a corner of the room near the sump pump, though sources noted he has yet to locate all the blow-molded polyethylene representations of the Holy Family and their Christmas visitors.

"Oh, come on, where's the third wise man?" the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics said as he pushed aside several priceless Raphael and Fra Angelico paintings to peer into a cardboard box, aided by the dim light of a bare bulb hanging overhead. "I could've sworn I put him away with everybody else. There's a ton of donkeys and sheep in here, but a lot of good that does me with only two wise men. Jeez."

"I don't have time for this," he added. "I've still got an epistle that needs to be finished."

Designed for outdoor use, the 14-piece set of internally lit plastic figurines was first purchased by Pope John Paul II in 1981, and every year since, according to Vatican observers, the reigning pontiff has personally assembled the nativity scene outside the Apostolic Palace in Saint Peter's Square. The display, including the colored lights that outline the manger and wrap around a few of the piazza's iconic Tuscan colonnades, is reportedly powered by an extension cord running from an outlet in the papal garage.

After testing to confirm that Mary would still light up when plugged in, Francis noted that the winters had taken their toll on the Blessed Virgin, wearing away most of the paint on her face. He also added that he would likely have to display the statue of a kneeling Joseph at an awkward angle, so as to obscure the dent in his head suffered during Benedict XVI's papacy.

Sources within the Holy See said that Francis has expressed dismay at his predecessor's lax oversight of the nativity scene, complaining about last Christmas—his first since assuming the Chair of St. Peter—when two long-missing shepherds and an Angel of the Lord were eventually discovered in a tub mislabeled "winter coats."

"You know what? I don't think this baby Jesus is even from the same set," said the pope in audible exasperation, pointing out that the unpainted plastic infant he found beneath a tangled ball of Christmas lights and a bag of old palm ashes had a much more simplistic design than the rest of the figures. "Ugh. I honestly wouldn't mind if I thought people wouldn't notice, but he might not even fit inside the manger."

"He's nearly the same size as Mary, for God's sake," Francis continued.

According to reports, the Holy Father spent 15 minutes this morning on an unsuccessful attempt to assemble the Christ Child's crib, but after snapping the dowel used to hold its wooden slats together, he is said to have tossed the whole thing aside in frustration.

Exhausted from his search through the basement, the 77-year-old pontiff reportedly grew even more aggravated after banging his knee on a table and knocking over a stack of relics, including several shards from the True Cross and a wrist bone of St. Gregory the Great.

"Well, it looks like we're going without a Star of Bethlehem this year," the pope said before emitting an extended sigh. "We've got so many goddamn packages of tinsel down here, I guess I'll just dangle some of that from the roof and call it a day. If Cardinal [Angelo] Sodano complains, he can deal with it himself. I've already spent way too much time on this."

Added the pope, "Right now, I really need to climb to the top of the Basilica dome and get Santa's sleigh mounted on the roof."
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Sony may release The Interview after all.

Following comments by President Barack Obama criticizing the studio for pulling the movie that mocks the North Korean government in the face of terrorist threats on theaters, the corporation said it was exploring other ways to release the movie.

"We are actively surveying alternatives to enable us to release the movie on a different platform," the company said in a statement. "It is still our hope that anyone who wants to see this movie will get the opportunity to do so."

Obama on Friday vowed to track down who was responsible for the threats against Sony.

Meanwhile, North Korea tried to stem suspicion by calling for a joint investigation into the threats.
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Space Camp attendees react to news that budget pressures have postponed their mission indefinitely.

HUNTSVILLE, AL—Aiming to provide attendees with an authentic glimpse into the nation's space program, representatives for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center announced Thursday that its newly updated Space Camp will allow children to simulate the anger and mounting frustration experienced by NASA personnel over a continual lack of funding.

Camp organizers explained that the redesigned education program will offer kids the unique opportunity to contend with all of the budgetary restrictions and bureaucratic red tape impeding the progress of actual astronauts and researchers, allowing children from grades four to six to immerse themselves in a true-to-life NASA environment in which financial shortfalls and endless procedural delays plague them at every turn.

"At Space Camp, each attendee experiences the trials of real-life astronauts who simply are not provided the resources they need to explore outer space," said director Deborah Barnhart, noting that campers get a firsthand look at what it's like to pursue cutting-edge astronomical research on a budget that, when adjusted for inflation, is a mere fraction of what it was in the 1960s. "Our campers endure constant setbacks throughout their week here, from engaging in spaceflight training modules that can be shut down at a moment's notice, to working tirelessly on a solar probe project only to be informed that an across-the-board spending freeze has led to the indefinite suspension of their work."

"Kids will walk away from a week at Space Camp knowing exactly what it's like to be an American astronaut," she added.

Barnhart told reporters that the modernized camp offers attendees an array of hands-on activities that include designing next-generation spaceships, searching for virtual extrasolar planets, and building a robotic Mars rover, any one of which could be effectively derailed by an abrupt mandate that the research and development process be made more cost-effective.

Additionally, campers will reportedly be able to sigh and throw their hands up in exasperation within a replica of the actual mission control room at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center after learning that a reconnaissance mission to scan for the presence of life on Jupiter's moon Europa has been scrapped just weeks prior to the intended launch date.

Program officials also highlighted their efforts to make the experience as realistically discouraging as possible by furloughing a significant number of campers immediately at the start of each weeklong session.

"We put camp attendees in the shoes of dedicated NASA scientists whose attempts to further scientific understanding through the analysis of asteroid composition are halted by one of our camp staffers playing the role of a U.S. senator targeting all 'nonessential' initiatives," said counselor Tyler Campbell. "When they take their seats in our mock congressional chamber, campers will work together to deliver an impassioned yet ultimately futile request for continued support of NASA until they have no choice but to stand up and leave, having just witnessed their life's work go up in smoke."

"When you see the stunned expressions on these kids' faces as they realize their goals and dreams are no longer attainable because of political pressures completely out of their control, that's when you know they've gained a valuable understanding of our space program," Campbell added.

Early participants in the new program have reportedly hailed the experience as "eye-opening," with many describing their visceral disappointment watching satellite feeds of their Chinese and Russian Space Camp counterparts pursuing scientific endeavors that were eliminated in the U.S. years ago.

"I'll never forget what it was like to go to Space Camp and repeatedly attempt to convince the budget committee of the importance of our solar wind study so they would cancel the other teams' projects and not ours," said 11-year-old camper Sara Andrews, who explained that she spent most of the week steadily reducing the scope of her simulated mission so that it would remain financially viable. "I'm just glad I wasn't working on the asteroid flyby project that was ultimately deemed too cost-prohibitive and was contracted out to a private aeronautics firm. The kids on that team just had to sit around and do nothing for the rest of camp."

"I can't wait to work at NASA when I grow up so I can constantly stress over limited financial resources and have my scientific projects canceled for real," she added. "That is, if NASA even still exists then."
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From pornographic names to subtle vulgarity to tragic unibrows, these old baseball cards remind us of why we used to collect them.
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A new Wayne State University study shows that the older a person is, the worse they are at texting and driving.

Researchers surveyed texters as they drove, and found that only about 25 percent of teens swerved into another lane while engaging in the illegal communication practice.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of texters between the ages of 25 and 34 swerved, while 80 percent of 35- to 44-year-olds inadvertently changed lanes.

As for 45- to 49-year-olds, all of them--yep, 100 percent--changed lanes while texting.
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Just how big of a quack is Dr. Oz?

Well, according to a study,
more than half of the medical recommendations he makes on The Dr. Oz Show are factually baseless or just plain wrong.

"Recommendations made on medical talk shows often lack adequate information on specific benefits or the magnitude of the effects of these benefits,"
the study's authors wrote. "The public should be skeptical about recommendations made on medical talk shows."

The study examined 479 separate recommendations made during 49 episodes of The Dr. Oz Show,
and found that sound medical evidence only supported 46 percent of them.
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The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Dallas / Fort Worth has come up with the most AWESOME solution to this business of Sony pulling "The Interview". They're replacing it with one free screening of "Team America: World Police". (!!!)

That's the 2004 PUPPET movie made by the creators of "South Park", which very much ridicules KIM JONG UN's father, KIM JONG IL. At the end of the movie, Kim is revealed to be just a COCKROACH inside a human body.
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The White House announced major changes to its policy toward Cuba yesterday . . . it's the biggest move toward easing our sanctions on Cuba in 50 years. Here are the five things you need to know . . .

1. It's still technically illegal to visit Cuba just for tourism, but now there are 12 reasons you can legally travel there: Visiting family . . . government business . . . journalism . . . professional research and meetings . . . educational activities . . .

Religious activities . . . humanitarian work . . . private foundation work . . . import/export work . . . art and athletic performances . . . clinics and workshops . . . and, quote, "support for the Cuban people."

2. If you do go to Cuba, you're legally allowed to bring back $400 worth of stuff . . . including $100 worth of Cuban cigars or Cuban rum.

3. For the first time, U.S. credit cards will work in Cuba.

4. You can send $2,000 every three months to family members in Cuba . . . that's up from $500.

5. And the U.S. will open an embassy in Cuba for the first time since 1961.

(Wall Street Journal)
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