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The Grammys have handed out 'Best New Artist' awards since 1960, and for the most part, they've picked solid winners every year.

Like in 1965, they somehow knew to give it to The Beatles, over a field that featured Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, Morgana King, and Petula Clarke. (???)

But some years don't look so great in retrospect. Here are 12 questionable Best New Artist Grammy winners, and the acts that probably SHOULD'VE won.

1. In 1970, Crosby, Stills, & Nash won, which isn't a bad choice, although they were up against Led Zeppelin and Chicago.

2. In 1971, The Carpenters beat out Elton John.

3. In 1973, America took home the award over The Eagles.

4. In 1979, A Taste of Honey was deemed better than Elvis Costello, The Cars, and most tragically Toto.

5. In 1981, Christopher Cross won over The Pretenders.

6. In 1992, Marc Cohn edged out the other nominees Boyz II Men, C&C Music Factory, Color Me Badd, and Seal. Yes, there was apparently a time when C&C Music Factory was considered Grammy-worthy.

7. In 1995, there was a stronger batch: Sheryl Crow beat out Ace of Base, Counting Crows, Crash Test Dummies, and Green Day.

8. In 1998, Paula Cole beat out Puff Daddy, which is a little surprising, as well as Erykah Badu, Fiona Apple, and Hanson, which is less surprising, although they're all still more well-known than Paula Cole.

9. In 2001, Shelby Lynne beat out Brad Paisley . . . and also Jill Scott, Papa Roach, and Sisqo, if any of that is your bag.

10. In 2004, Evanescence won over 50 Cent.

11. In 2006, Maroon 5 beat Kanye West, which Kanye surely feels is one of the GREATEST OVERSIGHTS OF ALL TIME, but a lot of people would disagree.

12. In 2008, Amy Winehouse won over Taylor Swift. Obviously, we don't know what would've happened with Amy had she not been a complete mess . . . and you can argue over who's more talented . . . but it's hard to imagine Amy ever being bigger than Taylor is.

This year's Best New Artist nominees are: Courtney Barnett, James Bay, Meghan Trainor, Sam Hunt, and Tori Kelly. The Grammys air on Monday night.
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There's a 16-year-old in Lansing, Michigan named Ben Davis, who has a rare genetic condition that attacks his nervous system, and causes a build-up of iron in his brain. So he has trouble talking and has to be in a wheelchair.

But he still has some pretty amazing friends. Check this out. He was at a pep rally in his school gymnasium last Friday, when they brought him out onto the court.

Then two students brought out a cardboard box, with words painted on the side that said, "I'll ask you to prom when pigs fly." But when they cut the top open, a bunch of pink balloons that looked like PIGS floated out.

Meaning he WAS being asked to prom. Which seems kind of messed up, but maybe it was an inside joke. Anyway, it was all because of a 19-year-old senior named Vee Nguyen. (Her last name is pronounced Way-en.)

They met about two years ago when she started working with special needs kids at their school, and they've been friends ever since.

She posted a video from the pep rally on Facebook. And when Ben sees the balloons, he gets a huge smile on his face. Then he starts to get emotional, and someone hands him a rose to give her.

(Here's the video.)

As of last night, the video already had over three million views.
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Warning: This story is going to take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

A new study found if a guy buys you a CHEAP Valentine's Day gift . . . like a cheap box of chocolates or some cubic zirconia earrings . . . it's actually a sign he's really into you.

That's a silver lining, right? I mean, you're getting a cheap gift but much more valuable real love. But slow down. Here's the REAL reasoning behind it.

Since he feels so close to you, he thinks of the two of you as a partnership, and picked a gift that ALSO is good for him. In other words, he went cheap because it was win-win: You still got a decent gift, he saved money.

Or he might've bought the cheaper chocolates because there were a lot more of them than a tiny box of boutique chocolates . . . so he knows he's going to get to eat some.

Anyway, if you get a surprisingly mediocre gift this Valentine's Day, just know deep down it's because his feelings are strong. That's great. But I'm guessing you might just rather have a real diamond.

(Eurekalert / Daily Mail)
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There's a decent sized list of classic rockers who dabble in the side business of alcoholic beverages and when you think about it, it makes sense. Wines, beers, mixed. No stranger to this game is AC/DC and their new beverage even supports a cause near and dear to them. Check it out HERE
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There was a discussion on Reddit where actual guys said what they want for Valentine's Day. Maybe it'll give you a few ideas. Or not. These are their actual words.

1. "A couples' deep tissue massage . . . about an hour in the steam room . . . ice cold beer . . . a medium-rare porterhouse, baked potato, mushroom, salad dinner . . . and relax to an action movie of my choice."

2. "I personally prefer experiences over material objects. Make me dinner, give me a gift certificate that says I can tie you up and have my way with you, or take me on a road trip."

3. "A Darth Vader onesie."

4. "Things that I'll use. A nice wallet, sunglasses, Chapstick, a nice coffee cup."

5. "Something that gets me a little closer to my dreams or hobbies."

6. "The greatest gift is that my old lady and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day."

7. ENTHUSIASTIC "Mouth Hug."

8. "Kinky sex. Seriously, it may sound cheap or insincere but, as a man, there is nothing I want more than to have it my way on Valentine's Day."

9. "Two tickets to see my favorite team play."

10. "A day with my girlfriend alone, no clocks, no cellphones, only her . . . and sex."

(Reddit / Cosmopolitan)
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Anyone can get their lady roses for Valentine's Day. But if you REALLY want to impress her, why not give her DORITOS roses. Seriously.

Doritos actually gave away free bouquets of flowers made out of Doritos on their website. Unfortunately it was only in Canada, and they were all snapped up already. But you can make your OWN. Even if you're not that crafty.

Just buy some fake plastic roses, take off the petals, and glue some of the curlier Doritos from a bag in their place. There's even a step-by-step guide to making them . . . just Google "Doritos Roses Are The Only Valentine's Day Gift Worth Giving."

The only downside is that you can't EAT them, because of the glue. But they'll make for a GREAT Instagram post. And isn't that all she REALLY wants?

(Huffington Post)

(Here's a picture of the roses, and a guide to make them.)

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Looking to "spice things up"? This just might help!
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Lady Gaga is set perform a tribute to David Bowie, the all star band Hollywood Vampires including Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and actor Johnny Depp set to perform a tribute to Lemmy, and you know this year's ceremony wouldn't be complete without a tribute to Glenn Frey of the Eagles, find out what's planned HERE
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It really isn't that difficult to do something for Valentine's Day...and really it shouldn't cost very here ya for the Romantically Challenged: (by the way, some a little weird, but read why and you'll get it)

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