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I guess we should have expected this. Taking any person or thing that made headlines during the year and turning it into a "sexy" Halloween costume is still going strong this year with sexy Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton., which is the company behind a lot of the topical "sexy" costumes each year, calls them the "Donna T. Rumpshaker" and the "Capitol Hill." The Trump "Rumpshaker" costume is a blue navy suit with booty shorts instead of pants and a tight cropped jacket, along with a white shirt and red tie. You have to buy the Trump wig and the "Make America Great" hat separately. The Clinton "Capitol Hill" costume is a blue mini dress with long sleeves, a deep V-neckline, and a mini American flag pin on the lapel. You have to buy the wig separately for this one too. (Elite Daily)
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This is why you should never leave a wedding until you've drunk every last drop of liquor at the bar.

There was a wedding in Aurora, Illinois last Saturday night, and when it wrapped up around 1:00 A.M., there was some leftover liquor at the bar . . . so the couple decided to let their guests take it home.

But a 32-year-old guy named Alejandro Rodriguez got into an argument with a 39-year-old guy about who was going to take what. Then it escalated, and Alejandro wound up hitting the guy over the head with a bottle of SCOTCH.

A bottle of Buchanan's, to be precise. So . . . uh . . . I guess neither of them got to take the scotch home, then?

The guy had to go to the hospital to get staples in his head to close up the cut, and Alejandro was arrested for felony aggravated battery.

(Chicago Tribune)
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I feel like people are generally trying to be more careful with their money these days . . . EXCEPT when it comes to Halloween. Then all bets are off.

According to the National Retail Federation, we're going to spend $8.4 BILLION on Halloween this year, which is an all-time high. The closest was back in 2012 when we spent $8 billion.

The $8.4 billion breaks down to about $83 per person, for the 171 million Americans who say they're going to celebrate Halloween this year. And here's what we'll be spending money on . . .

1. 94% of people will buy candy.

2. 70% will buy decorations.

3. 67% will buy costumes for themselves, their kids, or their pets.

4. And 35% will buy greeting cards.

Oh, and one more thing. One out of three people have already started planning their costume, or doing some Halloween shopping.

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A new survey found 56% of us are planning to dress up for Halloween this year. And get ready to see lots of people dressed as Pokémon and Donald Trump. Here are five stats from the survey . . .

1. Trump and Hillary costumes will obviously be big this year. But 50% more people said they're planning to go as characters from "Pokémon Go".

2. The top group costume idea is ALSO Pokémon. But for millennials, it's "Suicide Squad" . . . for people aged 25 to 34 it's "The Avengers" . . . and for people over 45 it's "Star Wars".

3. 45% of people are planning to wear a funny costume this year . . . 28% want their costume to be scary . . . and 27% plan to wear a SEXY costume. So sexy costumes are almost as popular as scary costumes now.

4. The average person won't start planning their costume until we're just under three weeks out from Halloween. So you've still got time. And a quarter of people say they'd never wear the same costume two years in a row.

5. Just under 25% of people said Halloween is their favorite holiday.

(PR Newswire)
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Based on this country's obsession with pumpkin spice, fried things, and food mash-ups, you could make a damn fortune ripping off this idea.

McDonald's in Japan just started selling Pumpkin Chocolate French fries. They're regular fries with sweet pumpkin sauce and chocolate drizzled on top.

For some reason they're not selling them in America, but it seems easy enough to recreate it on your own, right? Just buy the sauces at the grocery store, get some McDonald's fries, and go nuts.


(Here's a photo.)

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You almost can't even believe it, one thing is for certain Trump knows how to keep himself in the news ha. Check out how he would stop crime dead in it's tracks . . . supposedly . . .  HERE
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Police in Gainesville, Florida are seeking the owner of a "missing hog" after a 600-pound pig was found running loose recently. The Alachua County Sheriff's Office tweeted a photo of deputies posing with the pig after it was corralled with a rope Sunday (September 18th.) The pig was taken to the sheriff's livestock impound, where the owner can claim it by paying a fee.

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Even if you're not a cat person, you probably wouldn't mind snuggling with a few kittens right now. Even if you have serious ALLERGIES that still sounds like it'd be nice, right?

Well, don't. Because those kittens are trying to KILL YOU.

According to a new study by the CDC, cat scratch fever is more prominent than they realized . . . and it's more dangerous than they thought. And you're most likely to get it from kittens or strays.

If you catch cat scratch fever, you'll get a fever and an itchy rash . . . so yeah, "cat scratch fever" is a pretty literal name. And in some extreme cases, there could be complications that can lead to death.

The good news is, you're still probably NOT going to get it. And if you DO get it, you probably won't die.

But just to be safe, the CDC says if you spend time playing with cats, make sure to wash your hands afterwards . . . and no matter what, don't KISS your cats.

(The Telegraph / CDC)
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A photo of WILLIE NELSON hanging out with Virginia Governor TERRY MCAULIFFE has gone viral, because there's a can of Willie's Reserve marijuana sitting on the table. Pot's illegal in the state.

Willie was performing at Farm Aid and the governor stopped by his trailer for a 10-minute visit. Even though the can was right in front of him, he didn't notice it.

A spokesman said, quote, "He was not and still is not aware of whatever was on the table or anywhere around him and wouldn't know marijuana or related paraphernalia if it walked up and shook his hand. He's cool, but he's not that cool."

Some people are jumping on this because there were over 20,000 marijuana-related arrests in Virginia last year. The governor opposes legalization, but he does support medicinal marijuana. Willie's Reserve is sold legally in Colorado and Washington.

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