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Did you watch football yesterday? Are you hungover today? If your answer to the first question was "yes," your answer to the second question is also probably "yes."

According to a new survey, only 16% of people usually watch football sober.

Now . . . the survey only asked people who drink alcohol sometimes, so if you're 100% stone-cold sober all the time, you're obviously watching it sober.

But if you're a person who ever drinks, there are overwhelming odds that you'll drink when you're watching football.

And you're probably drinking beer, since that's the most popular type of alcohol to drink while people watch every sport . . . except tennis and horse racing. Wine is the most popular drink for tennis . . . and liquor is most popular during horse racing.

The survey also found only 22% of people usually watch basketball sober and only 23% usually watch baseball sober.

(Harris Poll)
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By the time you're like six years old, you figure out that fast food in real life looks NOTHING like it does in the commercials. In ads it looks beautiful and delicious . . . in real life it looks like glistening squashed roadkill.

A 64-year-old woman named Anna Wurtzburger from Hopewell Junction, New York has apparently managed to live for seven decades without figuring that out.

She recently got a $20 bucket of chicken from KFC, but when she got home, she found it wasn't BURSTING with gorgeous pieces of fried chicken like in the photos.

Quote, "They say it feeds the whole family, they're showing a bucket that's overflowing with chicken. You get half a bucket! That's false advertising, and it doesn't feed the whole family. They're small pieces."

She called KFC's corporate offices to complain, but when they kind of blew her off, she decided to SUE. She just filed a $20 million lawsuit against KFC for false advertising.

Something tells me this is NOT like the time Subway got in trouble for making footlongs that weren't a foot long. KFC called the lawsuit, quote, "meritless."

(New York Post)

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Spotify streams of Janet Jackson's 1986 hit song "Nasty" soared 250 percent after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "such a nasty woman" during the last minutes of their third and final presidential debate on Wednesday night (October 20th). The Internet also took notice in other ways, including by making "nasty" one of Merriam-Webster's most searched-for entries after the debate ended...

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Just as soon as the Cleveland Indians clinched their spot in the upcoming world series the team immediately began lobbying for a famous actor to toss out first pitch at one of their home games! They've got a sense of humor that's for sure ha. Find out who HERE
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You think of men as being the ANGRIER gender, but apparently, when it comes to road rage, WOMEN are the lunatics. So men are better at something driving related than women? I did NOT see that coming.

A new study found women get 12% ANGRIER than men in different scenarios in the car.

Women get 14% angrier than men at backseat drivers . . . 13% angrier at people who don't use turn signals . . . and between 10% and 12% angrier when people pass them, shout at them, or honk at them.

The study also found ANOTHER way that men are softer in the car. 29% of men said they're more likely to open up and have a meaningful conversation when they're driving, and 14% said it even makes them a better driver.

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Something magical is happening this year in Cleveland . . . with their sports teams that is. Outside of that, it's still, ya know, Cleveland.

It took 52 years for Cleveland to win their last championship, but their next one might only take FOUR MONTHS. That's because the Indians beat the Blue Jays yesterday to advance to their first World Series in 19 years.

And it happened in a pretty un-Cleveland sort of way. They started a rookie pitcher who had only ever started ONE GAME at the major league level . . . and he came in and blanked Toronto. Those are the kinds of things that usually happen TO Cleveland, not FOR Cleveland. Apparently, the tide is finally turning.

Cleveland will host the first game of the World Series next Tuesday night . . . coincidentally, the SAME NIGHT that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be receiving their championship rings next door at Quicken Loans Arena.

The Indians will face either the Chicago Cubs or the L.A. Dodgers. The Dodgers haven't won a title since 1988 . . . the series with Kirk Gibson's storybook walk-off . . . and the Cubs haven't won one in 108 YEARS. That series is tied 2-2.

Cleveland last won a World Series in 1948. And 68 years is a long time . . . think about it.

When the Indians last won a title . . .

1. There wasn't a vaccine for polio.

2. Color TV was still a couple decades away, and black-and-white ones weren't very common. There were no digital clocks . . . and even hippie lava lamps were 15 years out. There was no such thing as 'long-distance' phone calls.

3. Mr. Potato Head didn't exist. Neither did skateboards, or Barbie dolls.

4. No one had eaten 'fish sticks' or 'fish fingers' before, possibly because there were no non-stick frying pans. And fruit-flavored yogurt hadn't been invented.

5. There had never been a rock concert. Although the first one would happen in Cleveland, four years later.

6. "Playboy" magazine didn't exist. And there were no birth control pills.

7. We were still six years away from the Supreme Court declaring segregation unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education.

8. "Miracle on 34th Street" hadn't hit theaters.

9. No one had used a credit card.

10. And the Indians' 'Chief Wahoo' logo wasn't considered offensive. Or more accurately, no one cared about the sensitivities of Native Americans.
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Til' death us part is the vow not "as long as you keep your make up on." Just days after marrying his wife a man divorces her becuase of how different she looked without makeup ha wow! Wait until see you his excuse on the court documents, check them out HERE
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There's a 42-year-old artist named Lon Davis who lives in Olathe, Kansas, just outside Kansas City.

And he has an 11-year-old son named Reese, who's he's been in a wheelchair since he was three, because of a tumor on his spine. Fortunately he's in remission now. But eight years ago, Lon made him a sweet Wall-E costume for Halloween that fit OVER his wheelchair.

Then other parents started asking him to make costumes for THEIR kids in wheelchairs. So last year, he started a charity called Walkin' and Rollin' Costumes that makes wheelchair costumes, and gives them away for FREE.

So far, they've done Iron Man, the car from "Dukes of Hazzard", an X-wing fighter from "Star Wars", and a bunch more. They also did an Ant-Man costume this year, where the wheelchair is the ant he rides in the movie.

Apparently they got a ton of requests for this Halloween. But you can request one for NEXT year through their website, Or if you want to donate, just search for "Walkin' and Rollin' Costumes" on


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I was just thinking M&M's needed MORE sugar. So thanks for coming through, guys.

M&M's just announced they're rolling out CARAMEL filling next year. So instead of an M&M filled with chocolate or a peanut, you can get one filled with caramel.

They won't be a limited time thing either . . . caramel M&M's will be a permanent flavor. They're going to hit stores in May.

Friggin' MAY!

Thanks for the 6 month heads-up tease ya jackbags

(CNN Money)

(Here are some photos.)

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