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Posts from December 2013
by 107.9 The FOX posted Dec 20 2013 12:35PM
If you talk like Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless", just a head's up: Everyone still hates you.

According to an annual poll, the most annoying word or phrase of the year was the word "whatever." And I'm pretty sure every word in the top five was ALSO said in that movie. Here they are.

1. "Whatever" . . . 38% of us find it annoying, compared to 32% last year.

2. "Like" . . . 22%.

3. "You know" . . . 18%.

4. "Just sayin'" . . . 14%.

5. "Obviously" . . . which annoys 6% of people, and was the only NEW phrase to make the list this year. (Last year, number five was "Twitterverse".)

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by 107.9 The FOX posted Dec 20 2013 12:28PM
"Cosmo" is notorious for giving AWFUL advice about hooking up. Here are 17 of the absolute WORST tips they've ever printed . . . although we had to clean a few of them up. Clearly the female writers at Cosmo are filthy pervs.

1. "Gently put his 'thing' through the hole [of a glazed donut], then nibble around it."

2. "As you're eating dinner together, say something X-rated like, 'See how I'm devouring this piece of meat? That's how I'm going to devour you.'"

3. "Sprinkle a little pepper under his nose right before he climaxes. Sneezing can feel similar to an orgasm and amplify the feel-good effects."

4. "Dip your breasts in edible body paint, and use them to 'sponge paint' his entire body. Then lick it off."

5. "Move him like an old-school Atari joystick: Up, down, side-to-side, in a circle."

6. "Make two fists around his thing and twist them in opposite directions as fast as you can."

7. "Draw an attention-grabbing circle around your nipples using rhinestones and body glue for a special night in."

8. "Dab peppermint oil on your neck and between your breasts. Studies found that the smell of mint has a revitalizing effect. Bonus: Your boobs will smell extra fresh."

9. "Keep a spray bottle filled with ice water next to the bed, and give each other a strategic spritz to extend the encounter. Aim for the nerve-packed, thin-skinned areas on each other's body, such as the nipples."

10. "Feed each other ice cream [in the dark]. Not being able to see means more spilling, which means more licking up the mess."

11. "Firmly hold the bottom of his thing in one hand and slowly push it towards the base. Imagine you're pushing it into his body."

12. "Take him between your open palms and tap it back and forth, almost like you're volleying a tennis ball. The quick movements are a fun way to wake up his nerves."

13. "Place one hand at the base of his thing, and twist the tip with the other . . . like you're opening a jar."

14. "Press a fork into different parts of his body: His butt cheeks, his pecs, his thighs."

15. "Clamp down on his earlobes with your fingers, and pull on them to rock yourself forward and backward."

16. "Strap one of his belts around your waist and let him hold onto it like a leash."

17. "Use your electric toothbrush or your iPhone when your sex toy is out.

by 107.9 The FOX posted Dec 20 2013 12:17PM
If you want a quick recap of everything celebrity-related from the past year, someone on YouTube posted a new version of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire". And all the lyrics are about 2013's biggest showbiz stories.

by 107.9 The FOX posted Dec 20 2013 12:09PM

Students at a high school in Kilgore, Texas recently pranked their teachers, by asking them to stand next to a Christmas tree and talk about their favorite holiday memories.

But the tree was actually a student DRESSED as a Christmas tree waiting to jump out and SCARE them...


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by 107.9 The Fox posted Dec 17 2013 1:45PM

Ho Ho holy @#%&!

These quarrelsome Santas definitely should pen themselves in on the "naughty" list this year, after engaging in a drunken street brawl following SantaCon on the streets of New York City Saturday night. We don't know what triggered the incident, but we can be sure Mrs. Claus will be kicking Santa to the couch tonight.

SantaCon, a Santa-themed pub crawl which sees thousands of revelers in Santa costumes pour through New York's bars, has faced criticism lately for rowdy participants that imbibe too much "Christmas Spirit." Despite a push this year for SantaCon-ers to donate to charity and spread joy, "Not terror. Not vomit. Not trash," the video, titled "Santapocalypse NYC 2013," won't be helping their case much.

Enjoy the lumps of coal, Santas -- and the lumps on your heads, to boot.


by MJ posted Dec 10 2013 12:00AM

A comedian named Tom Mabe decided that his friend who has a SERIOUS drinking problem needed to be taught a lesson after he got his FIFTH DUI. So he waited until he passed out drunk, and pulled a pretty crazy prank.

Mabe and his friends took an empty office, set it up like a hospital room, and put the guy in the bed. Then when he finally came to . . .  they made him think he'd crashed his car and been in a ten-year COMA. And they got REALLY elaborate with it.

The video is on YouTube, and about three minutes in, a "doctor" turns on a TV showing a fake news report about Miley Cyrus living in a TRAILER PARK, and Justin Bieber celebrating his 10-year anniversary with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Then Mabe finally reveals it's a prank by pretending to be a doctor who's testing the guy's reflexes . . . by slapping him in the FACE over and over again.

At that point, the guy figures it out and starts LAUGHING. But Mabe just keeps slapping him and yelling that getting five DUI's is NOT FUNNY.
by Robbie Daniels posted Dec 3 2013 12:00AM

Supporters of the Calgary Hitmen hockey team tossed 25,921 stuffed toys onto the ice for the 19th annual Teddy Bear Toss. Fans are asked to bring a bear to throw when the Hitmen score their first goal or the "teddy bear" goal. In total, 25,921 toys were gathered and will be distributed amongst local charities in time for Christmas, including the Cerebral Palsy Assocation, Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Alberta Children's Hospital. (Telegraph)

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by MJ posted Dec 2 2013 12:00AM

On Saturday night, WILL FERRELL popped up on KXMB-TV in Bismarck, North Dakota to co-anchor the local news. As Ron Burgundy, of course. It was a great idea, and while it wasn't HI-larious, he did have a few funny lines. It was a totally deadpan performance. Check it out here!

(Highlights: The female anchor says "Block Friday" at 3:16 . . . Ron puts his head in the frame at 3:22 . . . Ron pats the sports guy on the shoulder at 24:30 . . . and the sports guy references Burgundy's "Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary" line from "Anchorman" at 25:02 when he's covering hockey.)
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